Whats to come:

Lets start with a little idea of what is being worked on and developed behind the scenes.  One of the biggest faults I find with Indie music is the fact that is here and gone.  Unlike the music from your favorite artists old or new, whose music is still getting played on hundreds of stations around the world, many of your favorite indie artists find that a station or stations will play one of their tunes, sometimes once, sometimes multiple times, but then it is just gone.  

It is a damn shame that there isn’t more of an opportunity to listen to that music.  Sure you can listen to their music if you have purchased it, which I strongly encourage everyone to support Independent Artists.  You can also listen on the many streaming services, many of which are ripping these same artists off, and I can’t say for certain but I hope there are stations out there that continue to play their music in some fashion, more than just their most recent tracks.

With KB Radio one of the things I tried to do with Indie music was that if it was very popular with my listeners it went into the permanent rotation, mixed with the mainstream music.  That has worked out very well for some songs and artists but is only a small fraction of the music we play, let alone what is available.  I decided to put together a Radio station that helps to take care of that problem in some manner.  KB Radio will continue to play Indie Music the way it has for the past couple years, and promote this as much as possible.  At the same time I am proud to introduce KB Indie Radio.  This station will work in conjunction with KB Radio to promote artists but also to maintain the music and the history from the Independent musicians at least on our playlist. 

Here is how it will work;

KB Radio has Indie music in rotation in a couple of categories.  KB Indie Radio will have a set of matching categories, which promote the new music from Indie Artists.  As before we had a Top 10 that was extremely popular, which will be coming back, and expanded to a weekly Top 25 Indie songs.  I will get into the Top 25, voting and more in a later blog, but I wanted you to know it is not gone, and definitely not forgotten.  Songs that do extremely well on KB Radio will still have the same opportunity to move into the permanent rotation on that station.  All other Indie music will be played on KB Indie Radio.  There will be two more groupings or categories of music, but the bottom line is that any song that appears on the playlist on KB Radio if not staying permanently, will move to the Indie Station permanently.   All music there will be live Tweeted on its own Twitter account as well. 

We have developed a logo and slogan that we hope will make the station more interactive with artists.  The music industry is truly World Wide, so we will be knows as  KB Indie Radio    Global Indie    Are You On The Map?


The map in question will be available on the new website which is still being built, and will feature every artist played, their home location, an image and Twitter handle.  So the idea of course would be to not only get played on the station, but get on the map.  This will give listeners somewhere to go and look around for other artists or bands.  At some point it would be nice to add things like websites etc to each post on the map, but we will have to see as that is a great deal of work.

There will be other things as well including the simulcast of the Indie Music Show that will be returning to Wednesday Evenings.  Replays on the Indie show will be available here as well, plus I am looking at the possibility of airing past shows, interviews etc.

The station is coming together, the music is mostly in place and testing is well underway during this off time for me.  I look forward to sharing more in the days ahead as we move forward.



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