Lets make some dates official

It is no secret how much I love music in general, how much I have grown to not only love the Indie Music scene but also so many of the talented artists out there just looking for that one opportunity or big break.  Most are great people and for the few assholes, well they are in all walks of life so why worry about them anyway.  LOL

The other thing that is no secret is that if I can keep doing this thing called Radio I will, and by what people have seen and heard I am going to come back, and do it in the way that I like to do things.  Bigger and better than before.  I have already started talking about some of the details but lets talk about the official launch dates for everything.

Some of the personal family issues are ongoing, and hopefully will be for a  very long time.  Trust me, it’s better than the alternative.  With all of that said it becomes difficult sometimes to find a balance between personal life and everything else.  At least it did for me, but I consider myself close with my family.

I have decided to officially come back January 1st 2019, or to be honest, New Years Eve 2018.  I will do a New Years Show on KB Radio up to Midnight here in the Eastern time zone.  Not only will we bring in the new year we will also officially launch at midnight KB Indie and KB AOR.  Live programming on all stations will begin as of January 1st and a full schedule is yet to be decided and announced.    I will post that here and on the websites as they are decided and official as well.

Thank you for everyone’s patience while I am off on this kind of hiatus or break and I look forward to being back on the air soon.


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