Music Submissions for all KB Stations

One of the things I try and tried to do when I began KB Radio and even as I expanded was to make music submissions as simple as possible for artists.  I also attempted to make my guidelines as slim as possible to get Indie artists music on the air, because I understand what it means to get some exposure in any way for your/their music.  As I moved forward, I helped a couple of artists in attempting to share their music with other internet based radio stations, and to be totally blunt because that’s how I am, was staggered by the arrogance of so many people.

Let me explain that statement;  Some stations demanded you complete a form filling in a whole list of questions, than attach your music, in one format only, attach an image, in one picture format only and don’t forget a further bio, in a specific format.  Another station answered every submission with a generic, thanks, we may play it or not, just listen and you will find out.  Than there are those that demand payment for air play.  This isn’t just radio, this is also some of the so-called promoters.  I will not expand into that further, only to say, be very careful before you spend any money with promoters.  Do some research, and ask other users questions.  I used to be vocal about this kind of thing, calling out some of the thieves in the industry and that led to death threats, so sorry, you are on your own.  LOL  They are out there, so be careful before you spend a dime.

Now on to how you submit to my stations.  I have 2 radio stations as of November 14, 2020 they are:

KB Radio- The main station playing a mix of 70’s through the 90’s primarily with some newer and older splashed in and Indie tracks mixed in 24 hours a day.

KB Country Radio – The second station I started, as it says, Country music, Playing todays best country based on North American charts, and Indie country mixed in 24 hours a day as well.

KB Indie Radio – NO LONGER BROADCASTING  Officially launching January 1st 2019, but already streaming, is a 24 Indie music channel geared to compliment the Main channel KB Radio.

KB AOR – NO LONGER BROADCASTING     Also launching January 1st 2019, KB AOR actually launched once before when the country station came on the air.  It was very popular but the workload was too much plus the streaming options were not something I liked at that time, so I pulled the plug about 6 months in until I could relaunch in a much better way.  Now is the time.  AOR is Album Oriented Rock based on an early 70’s Rock Radio format, that will include a mix of great rock tracks from albums, not the Top 40 hits, but the other tracks that album lovers enjoy, and we are mixing in great Indie Rock as well.  Rock that just is too heavy for KB or KB Indie, will spin here.

Here’s a couple of things to please avoid for me.  When you email, don’t just send an email with no content or message in the email,  and just a music attachment or link to your music.  Some of these emails have no message, no names, generic email address that it comes from, and not even information on the song that’s attached.  If I don’t know who it’s from, how can I promote you.

The other problem relates to how I promote music on the stations.  I work old school, taking one song from an artist, and putting it into the rotation.  This gives exposure in a maximum manner, listeners begin to recognize the song, and your name, which is much better than spinning 2 or 3 or more songs where you lose the recognition factor.  With this in mind, I would like to know which song you would like to promote.  This also makes my life somewhat easier.  Two days ago in my music inbox for submissions, I had 535 emails, in the first 25 emails I opened, I received 11 Album’s, 3 EP’s and in the other 11 emails there were 17 songs.  In total it was 153 songs, and I greatly appreciate when an artist says they respect my opinion so pick one that works, but it just creates too much work.  If it was one band, lol, no problem,  but how many more albums in the remaining 510 emails, oh and that was days ago, and that number has grown significantly.  So I will explain how to help below.  The third issue is sending links to YouTube or something similar.  Again, it duplicates workload, I need to go listen, reply than wait for you to send another email with the music attached.  I will expand on this below as well.

  • Both stations music submissions should be submitted to
  • When you email either attach your music, I don’t care if its Wav or Mp3 or as a link via Dropbox, google etc.
  • If you have an album or ep or just a couple of songs, no problem, state your preference or first choice and then if for some reason it doesn’t work on one of the stations, I have a second option.  Trust me, if that doesn’t work also,  I will reach out.  I answer virtually every email
  • We DON’T PLAY RAP, HIP HOP, COVER SONGS and rarely Dance tracks.  If you want to argue that its Rap but it’s not offensive, or its good rap so I should play it, which has happened more than once, please don’t.  I won’t reply to you.  Your future emails will go in spam and I will never know if you have something I could play.
  • Please include your name, who is sending the email, the band’s name, the song title, and the twitter handle for the band or artist.
  • Twitter has made the live Tweeting very difficult.   Twitter has told me I need expressed permission from artists before I include their Twitter handle in live Tweets.  Ideally than when you email include a note with your Twitter handle stating you authorize the KB Family of stations to live tweet your handle.
  • If you have bio or an image you want to or can include that would be great but not necessary.
  • When sending a link to YouTube, sure I can hear your music, but I do music a couple days a week, and that is what goes in for that week.  So on top of having to send extra emails, trying to keep track of who sent something previously like that, which I don’t have the time to do, you also lose at least a weeks worth or airplay, by the time you send a new email and I can go through it again.

It may sound in some ways like there are a lot of rules, lol, but really there aren’t.  Basically everything I ask is either common sense or time-saving for both of us.  Remember that yes you are just one band so how long does it take me to do this or that.  True, but multiply that by 600 or more emails a week I receive with music.

I try to work with everyone who wants to work with me.  In the past not everyone seemed to think it was their responsibility to do their own leg work.   Some thought, I recorded the music, its your responsibility to figure out the rest.  In the past I did what I could, but moving forward, I realized just how much time that took away from those people who wanted to work together.  So if you have read this far, think I am some kind of asshole, than do both of us a favor, and don’t send in your music.



Owner/DJ/ All around nice guy


  1. Sounds clear and simple to me. 🙂
    I would think that anyone who doesn’t get it is not worth your time and effort.
    Thanks for your support of indie music, Al!


  2. I will send an email per your specifications in a few minutes. Best wishes. Andrew.


  3. Great attitude and what you say makes a lot of sense. Agree with the lack of info on submissions. We do, however, ask artists for properly tagged (high quality) mp3’s and not wav. Simply because our station radio software only plays mp3’s and to ensure the artists name and track get displayed on our players we ask that they are tagged properly. Don’t have the time to go through the hundreds of submissions we get and fix. We do also like to get some bio info or links to web sites so we know who the hell we are dealing with and more importantly can guide listeners to where they can buy that artists music.
    Other than that we have never, nor will we ever charge for submissions. Our station is simply about helping the artists get heard. Indie rock with a touch of 80’s/90’s mainstream rock thrown in. All the best with your stations!


  4. Sounds good 👍 will be submitting toonz. We need more people like you out there! Rock on sir. 🤘


    • My Kobey Bryant tribute
      Please support me
      I am independient singer, looking for a label record..


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