The New Top 25

top 25 logo   One of the more popular features in the past with and on KB Radio was the Top 10 that we had every week.  It was something that was posted on the website at and also available for listeners and fans to vote on.  After that with it posted publicly, it was also played back as a countdown weekly on the Wednesday night Indie music show.

I was fortunate in many ways that the voting had very few regulations on it, and on only 2 occasions did I have to act on some overly eager voters.  There are always ways to get around voting controls if you really want to, short of making it so strict that it isn’t user-friendly, at which point, no one, not even myself will want any part of.  So the voting is left on an honor system, with minor controls built-in, though I do check daily on the voting and at the end of the voting for any irregularities.  As I said, thankfully,  mostly everyone plays fair, the votes work out, and happily I can say, through the time we ran this Top 10 with public voting hundreds of thousands of votes were made and it became popular because of this fairness and openness I am sure as well.

Moving forward to as we get ready to relaunch officially, the Top 10 becomes a Top 25 which will have its first official countdown, January 2nd, 2019.  To be able to do this, starting tomorrow, December 1st, 2018 on the website at you will find a new voting section with a very long list of songs that are eligible for the first Top 25.  Also on the list for voting is a spot called Other in which you can add a name that isn’t on the list.  Let me explain some how the list is put together and the rules on voting for this and every week going forward.

The most important part of being on the list and getting on the Top 25, is you must be played on KB Radio.  So if you know of a song and artist or band that should be on the list, but we aren’t playing, than you should start with getting their music played on KB Radio.  Have a read through this blog post about submitting and from there we can see about getting on the voting list and the chart.

When you vote you can vote for more than one song.  Lets face it how many times have you liked a couple of songs and been forced to pick just one.  In this voting you can vote for more than one.  Yes, you could vote for everyone on the list, but the more you vote for the less weight your vote carries.  So go ahead and vote for more than one but don’t over do it.  You can also vote daily and I encourage you to do so.  It only takes a minute, and I will tell you why I do allow this form of voting.  Some of the die-hard fans are never satisfied with just one vote.  But if I let them come back every day to vote than they feel they are being loyal to their favorite band or artist.  Is this unfair?  Absolutely not, because the rules are the same for everyone.

Also remember, that when you vote from your pc, and then vote from your phone and than from a tablet, despite it being set on light security, it tracks an awful lot of data.   As an example, I had an artist who always got the most votes.  They also had the most votes coming from one house.  That person and their two children each cast votes on multiple devices.  This was a case of an artist unfortunately.  If you are a fan, and do something, and it affects how well a song does on our countdown, than you have done your favorite artist no favors.  So as I have said, the vast majority always play fair, so lets stay that way.

The dates for voting, posting etc are changing slightly but are easy to follow and are always posted somewhere.  Voting will be on a Monday to Sunday basis after the first one.

The first chart voting is all of December, will be posted January 1st on the website and then count down on the Indie Show January 2nd. 
Second chart voting will start January 1st and go to January 6th.  Air date January 9th.

Third week 7th to 13th and air on the 16th.  And so on.
One final and most important point.  The voting makes up 80% of the total towards the Top 25.  In other words, at the end of voting,  there are still voting factors internally within the station that play a role, so the Top 25 in order after voting may not be how the final 25 actually comes out.

Any questions don’t hesitate to ask, I think I have made it clear….lol


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