Live Shows Return

If you have visited the KB Radio website, you will have seen a countdown clock near the top for some time now.  That clock is counting down to the first live show, the official relaunch of all live shows.  I will get into the shows themselves further in my writing here, but the announcement for the first show is where the focus for this blog really is.  It is happening New Years Eve, based on this time zone, Eastern Standard Time, and will be a countdown show taking us into 2019.

Since New Years Eve is on a Monday, we regularly have a 70’s music show on Monday nights, so I have decided to present a countdown of the Top 100 songs of the 1970’s.  The countdown itself will start at 5PM EST with song #100 and I will take you right through to midnight.  Throughout that day as well, it will be a 70’s day, and it will be great tracks from the 1970’s all day long right up to the countdown and show start.

At midnight on January 1st 2019, KB Indie Radio and KB AOR also officially launch, and while the test streams are up and running right now, on the 31st all three station will be simulcasting the 70’s music and countdown.  Each station will have its own launch at midnight welcoming listeners to the new beginning with the KB Family of Stations.  There is still some work to be done for both stations over the next month, but things are progressing well.  I am also hoping to be able to announce apps on both platforms soon for all stations, and have started working with a developer to build one app, that will allow you to select any one of the KB stations, but all 4 will be available through that one, instead of 4 separate apps.

Some of your favorite shows are returning to KB Radio as well in the new year.  The 70’s show and the 80’s show both return on Monday and Thursday nights respectively at 8pm EST.  The Indie Music show will return on Wednesday night as well at 8pm EST.  All three shows will also replay the following morning at 6am EST for our friends overseas,  who unfortunately it is the middle of the night for them when the shows first air.  I have some changes to the shows, and additions that will hopefully add to them for everyone’s listening pleasure.

the first thing is, I personally have gotten away from what I started with the old school radio style, where I began with the podcasts, and what I think made it so popular initially.  I am going back to that style of broadcasting,  so you can expect a fast paced, lively show, that won’t be politically correct, but also wont be out there over the top offensive.   It is what the station’s name is all about.  “What Radio Used To Be”

When you tune into the 70’s and 80’s show every 3rd week of the month you will hear an expanded show for the week.  There is a ton or great 60’s music that people always love so we will expand it 60’s and 70’s that night and on the 80’s night, it will become Extended mix Thursdays.  I will mix in some of the best Extended Plays from the 80’s for the show, and am happy to say as well, working on a sponsor deal right now to hopefully bring you a weekly lunch hour feature along the same lines as the Rokk Blokk, only with 80’s EP’s.  More news to follow.  Also from time to time we are going to feature artists, or topics on each show.  As an example on a 70’s Motown night, you will hear the best of the 70’s but also be featuring a lot of great Motown hits that night.

The Indie music show on Wednesday nights has gone through a few changes and it is going to really tighten up.  Let me start with a bit of a beef.  Every week I tried to present an interview, and despite so many artists claiming to want to be interviewed, the number of times, they missed appointments, sometimes multiple times, was very discouraging.  So I am going to be cutting down the number of interviews, working to get more live interviews, and if we don’t have one every week, that is just how it is going to be.  The next thing is an apology of sorts.  I had an interview scheduled with a fantastic performer and incredible guitar player name Gia, Twitter handle @salin606 when all of the crap went down months ago, which without notice to her was cancelled.  She has agreed, thankfully to be our first interview of the year and will be live on the air with us January 2nd, 2019 after 8pm EST.   I am very grateful and excited to have a chance to not only talk to her about her music and share it with everyone but also have her as our first interview as well.

I have another interview set up as well with a great band called Wildeyes @realwildeyes and will provide you with the date and time for that soon.

Beyond that the Indie music show will be focused on the new music going into the rotation on the various stations, and counting down the Top 25 each week.  For those who haven’t taken part in the past, the Wednesday night shows have been very interactive with fans and artists on Twitter and chatting, and KB is a very open door station.  I look forward to getting back to this lively exchange Wednesdays and every night for that matter.  A note as well that the Indie Music show will be simulcast on BOTH KB Radio and KB Indie Radio.  It will be repeated on KB Radio at 6am EST the following morning and on KB Indie radio as well at a yet to be determined time.  Calendars for programming will be up on websites, so check them out.

Friday night Smooth Music will be returning as well.  The music is being adjusted slightly to better suit the stations format and will be a 3 hour show that airs from 9 pm to midnight EST every Friday with no repeats.

As far as other programming I am in talks with someone about a one hour rock show for the AOR station, and am also looking at a Country countdown for KB Country Radio.  There are other things that have been offered, but I am taking my time, will make sure anything that happens, and any changes or decisions that are made, work for the stations involved.  There are also new features in development and ready to go for the live shows that hopefully will add to the entertainment value.  Plus, more live call ins, like I did in podcast days, from listeners, and working on prize give aways for station contests as well.

As always I appreciate the input and comments, either through here or email etc., good or bad, keep sending them my way.




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