KB Around the world..guess how far we reach & how NOT to submit music. 2 for 1 Today

I was reading some information a couple weeks ago about another internet station, and the more I read, the more it sounded like KB Radio and everything I have been working on. I mean right down to the adding of more stations, and truthfully I think its even possible they copied some of my dialogue to save writing it themselves. Yes once again, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but personally I just get sick of the lack of originality in people any more. I do wish them well, only in the sense that they do play indie artists, and any exposure for the independent artist is good. With all of that said as I read on, I looked at the track record, and thought to myself, that it was good that they promoted themselves, and patted themselves on the back. I was wondering with all of the time off that I had taken just how it had affected the KB Radio listeners, and I was pleasantly surprised.

This is the point that I need to apologize to listeners for being that way. I have often said I have the best listeners on the planet, and therefor I should not have been surprised. Further to that I looked at the KB Country listeners and was truly surprised. But before I get to all of that information I want to share with you some email exchanges, without going into the specifics of who, about just the kind of issues that are created in music submissions.

On November 15th I received and email with submissions from a promoter, with a total of seven song titles and artists attached. The problem right away was that the music itself wasn’t actually attached, it was 7 links to Youtube videos of the music. Now as anyone who has submitted or has read my previous blog about submitting music, blog, you will know that I ask that this not be done in this manner due to the time it takes etc. In this case, I clicked the first link for some reason, even though I swore I would ignore emails like this, and the song I heard was fantastic. One of the things that I have discovered with a number of promoters is that if you find they have one great artist or band, than two, they have an entire lineup of solid musicians and music. So I did the unthinkable and clicked the second link. Once again, a great song, and so I worked my way through all seven tracks. A normal email like that I would open all seven attachments at once, and listen one at a time. If the song was going to be aired I would save it with the appropriate tags etc, and if not, save it to a file. This might normally take about 10 to 15 minutes for seven songs. By the time I clicked all the links and waited for each one to load, plus all the usual commercial bullshit on YouTube it was 30 minutes to process one email. Please remember at the end of the email, I now sent a reply asking them to submit the music, at which time when I got it, coincidentally all 7 songs, I would spend another 10 to 15 minutes on the process again.

I sent an email referring to my blog and explaining my reasons, and they stated it was against their policy to include in the first email attachments as these were generally viewed as spam. They would be happy to send over any music as MP3’s once I have reviewed and requested. Another reply indicating I would like to get all seven songs, plus letting them know I was disappointed by their policy. I requested that in case like mine where they knew they would be reviewed promptly etc they could maybe change that practice and send them as attachments, to which I of course got a flat no.

When I did finally get the email with the music it was now November 24th, the day I reviewed the music was the day the songs would have started playing on KB, but they have their policy, and despite my own words and blog, these were 7 really top notch songs. I got 6 of the 7 songs, 3 as MP3 attachments and 3 as links to Google Drive which when I clicked did not open, and just hung my mail program, never once even opening my browser. When I tried to copy and pasted, it hung both my browser (Firefox) and my email. When I say hung, I had to do a forced closure to even open another email each time.

I than sent another email indicating the problem with the links, and waited to hear from the promoter. It was approximately 2 weeks later when I still had not received a reply so I sent yet another email clarifying that it was the link that was bad and could they resend. It was on the 20th of December, now 5 weeks after the original email, and I got the following response. “Unfortunately those are the only files we have and they work fine on our end. Thank you anyway! ”    

I only asked for a new link, that’s all. I have lost track of the amount of time spent on this, which is my problem, because I said I wouldn’t do it again. I wish I could say these types of communications back and forth are unique, but they happen once in a while, and to me, once is more than enough. I won’t name the promoter, or the artists or the songs. I will say though if I was an artist who had this promoter working for me I would be so pissed off, that not only did they miss an opportunity for some major airplay with great world wide coverage, but in the end, the promoter just blew me off!

The end result is this. This promoter has a solid policy, and so do I. As of today, the rest of their music won’t be heard on KB Radio unless they submit music as attachments up front, and I apologize to those indie artists, that you are dealing with people who don’t give a damn apparently. I gave them the benefit of some latitude and damned if they didn’t waste my time and 7 Indie artists as well. If you want to disagree with me, go ahead. You can set your policies, just like I do, but some times you need to work around things for the benefit of everyone. These Independent artists work very hard, so I do my best to promote and play as many as I can. I also if you’ve never read any of my blogs before am not some jerk off wanna be in his basement playing Disk Jockey. My stats show that, so at this point that’s the other reason for the blog, the stats.

So I was reviewing my website, and station server information etc to see where my listeners are located. I am proud and humbled by the numbers as always and beyond thrilled to share with you that KB Radio now has listeners in 123 Countries around the world. KB Country Radio which I have been working hard to redesign the rotation and adjust the playlist is now heard in 50 Countries around the world. The total listeners directly off the kbradio.ca website is down a bit, but that is to be expected. LOL Down a bit, some people might not think this is a bit, but its down about 50, 000 listeners for the year.

So 2019 is just days away, and I and KB Radio are coming at you stronger than ever. For those artists and promoters who submit, and are uncooperative, I can’t do anything about that, except, ignore you and not play your music. But don’t worry, I won’t run short of great Indie Music, my Inbox for music submissions is a bit behind, but I will catch up. By the way the email is live@ kbradio.ca When I say a bit behind, it has 529 emails in it as of right this moment.

You ask can I back all these numbers and claims up. HELL YES! I wouldn’t make them if I couldn’t. Heres a couple screen captures for you;

2018 stats just from website
2017 stats just from website
Email verification

You see, I don’t want you to think I am blowing smoke up your skirt.

One final thought, its a real shame about the music from that promoter, and I will never understand why they didn’t ever send the 7th song, but than again, I don’t know why some people get out of bed either. All they do is bitch and complain, not inferring this promoter.

Happy New Year to Everyone.



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