Top 25 Voting..A follow up.

To run a countdown on KB Radio I wanted to make sure of two things.

First: Fairness for everyone

Second: Be as accurate with everything as possible

I developed a system that takes into account the 25 songs that are currently on the chart, adds in the results from the fan voting, plus from the station points that are also a part of the ranking. The voting once again accounts for 80% of the total so you the fans control it almost totally.

The key is to have a system that from week to week is consistent, and if you look at each week going back and forth you can see a pattern. Too many stations have the Top 10 songs voted, which is just the 10 highest voted in the order of voting. That’s great if that is what you want, but the next week, it can be completely different. Like everything else with KB Radio I try and identify it as being done like your standard terrestrial radio station.

The tabulation of the Top 25 is the same way. If you look at Billboards hot 100 you don’t see a song at #1 this week and not on it next week. The week after that it is #16. You see that song climb to #1, hold on depending on popularity and than slowly fall off the chart. You will see the exact same process with the KB Radio chart.

Every week I review the voting with information provided by the host Poll Maker dot com and it provides me with a couple different reports. As most people know we leave an incredible footprint everywhere we go on the internet. Haven’t you ever thought what a coincidence, I was just looking at the price of floor mats for my car, and the next minute when you are checking Facebook, there is an add for Floormats. Its no coincidence.

These reports allow me to look at a number of things, and most I look to make sure everyone is playing fair. I don’t spend hours looking for cheaters, I prefer to believe people are playing by the rules, but it gives me data in such a way that some things become very obvious. It also records when you repeatedly click trying to vote, even though its not recording the vote. LOL Yes, its true it recorded your vote and that you clicked 20 more times. No those votes weren’t recorded, so its not really an issue except to know that someone attempted. So what do I do at that point where I discover someone has managed to get around the rules and how do I know that.

Which do you want answered first. People will use VPN’s or Virtual Private Networks to get a different IP address and appear to be from somewhere different, but this doesn’t change the device they are doing it on. Right now the novices are going what do you mean? I mean right down to the version number of the browser you used to log into the voting is recorded. That’s not me, that’s just the internet and it happens everywhere. So when I sort results for an artist I sort based on those devices, and when I find a device that voted in New York City, than in Dallas, than in Paris France, as an example I suspect someone is not playing by the rules. But even than I still want to believe that maybe, just maybe its legit. What if they are an airline pilot? No wait, the first vote was at 10:01am, than Dallas at 10:07 and Paris at 10:16 am. Planes don’t fly that fast.

So I am left with what do I do. I am not about to punish a band or an artist for an overzealous fan who thinks they are helping. So I disqualify those votes. That is really only logical because if they didn’t cheat the extra votes wouldn’t exist in the first place. Now generally this is only the odd vote here and there and doesn’t cause any issues. In the past couple years, it has come up a couple times, and each time I try to address it as diplomatically as possible. Yet each time it happens, fans and others get their knickers in a knot and get pissed off about things.

I have nothing to gain by one artist or band being in 1st or 25th. In some cases with large fan clubs it would be probably be advantageous for me to have that artist stay in the #1 spot, but I won’t risk my integrity for anyone.

It has come up once again, and as a reaction all mentions of KB Radio were removed from a fan club page with this explanation:

” I’m avoiding fires and negativities from the fans by removing it all today instead of all the questions. I’ve done you a favor “

As I said to this individual if you think this is a favor you are wrong. But, I am not the one who got hurt in this scenario. So a band/artist has a bunch of votes disqualified last week. Votes they wouldn’t have had anyways if the voter played by the rules. Did this affect their position on the chart? In my opinion no, because again, they didn’t have the votes but yes their position changed. Just to be clear their is no interaction with the band/artist, and I am not indicating who it is. All communication is done through a third party.

So who is the winner and loser in this. There are no winners. The honest fans who busted their asses are left in the dark wondering, and now have no idea what is going on, and not even being advised to vote. The artist/band knows nothing of this I can only assume, but the extra exposure they get by being on the Top 25, their chance at being in the running at year end for song of the year will be lost not because of the bad votes, but because of sour grapes.

The last band prior to this I dealt with, they actually were the ones stacking the vote, I believe and when I tried to be diplomatic with them, they got extremely pissy and demanded I stop playing their music. Thats okay with me, because with approximately 1000 plus songs submitted to me every month looking to get on the air, its no problem filling that space. But that was the band deciding.

Why do I write all of this? To be completely honest, I get tired of people questioning my credibility and at the expense of artists that I am busting my ass to help. Will it change, maybe not, when the next incident happens. But maybe it will make a difference.

I am attaching a screen grab of one of the pages of information I can get about voters and voting. This is from today, and the new voting. You will see that I have blacked out a portion of the IP addresses and the computer information. I do that for voters protection. This is not public information, and I will not be responsible for sharing your information with someone who could take advantage of it.

So as I always say, play fair. This was designed to be fun and to give some extra exposure to artists that get fans involved with their music. The number 1 song from 2017 on KB is still in rotation on KB Radio. It has played 5 times more than another indie track than came to KB at the same time. This other track as an example is now on KB Indie getting an occasional spin. These are not insignificant number really for either artist, but if you have an opportunity to be heard more often with a large world wide audience, why not try to take advantage of it.


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