The Charts: A refresher course for new voters

I know I have written about this before and we talk about this on the air on both stations about the process for both the Top 25 and the Top 15 charts on KB Radio and KB Country Radio respectively. I call them revolving charts because they work week to week, and use the previous weeks results as part of the totals going forward. We say that fans control 80% of the points and they truly do. So lets do a simple breakdown as to how both charts work.

Songs on the current weeks chart are awarded a point value based on their position on the current chart. As an example only, the #1 song is awarded 100 points and the number 10 song gets 10 points on the Top 10. These are the starting base points for each song. We than award points based on how each song finishes in the voting. In the case of the Top 15 we only award points to the Top 15 songs getting votes. In the Top 25 it is the Top 25 songs getting votes that are awarded points. What is important to note about the voting is that every vote is important because it increases your points. However in the same way the #1 song got 100 points, the song with the most votes again as an example gets 100 points. It doesn’t matter if the song in first in the voting got 50 votes or 500, the points awarded are the same.

At this point we combine the points and take 80% of this total to give us the beginning of our new points total. From here we have 5 categories that each song is assessed on, and awarded points. These categories are kept private so that they are not in any way influenced or attempted to be influenced if possible by the wonderful fans. The music fans get almost total control but these final 5 categories usually help to break tie breakers etc. The five categories are added up and than 20% of that total is taken and added to the other 80%.

this grand total is the final points total for each song and the order is than sorted highest to lowest. The system is devised to allow for consistency week to week so that songs will move up and down the chart, so that fans can vote for their favorite songs and have the biggest say in how each song performs, but also take a small portion of other areas into account. Is the system perfect, absolutely not, because if fans want to keep their favorite song on the chart all year they probably could. This seems more of a disservice to an artist or band to me. They have more than one song that I am sure they would love to promote and see on the chart. Do fans try to cheat? Yes it happens from time to time, and as will any voting there are blocks built in to stop as much as possible, and those that aren’t stopped automatically are often found after in the verification process.

The rules are simple and easy, vote for your favorite artist daily and get them onto the respective chart. Than the next week do it again and try and get them higher and maybe to the number 1 spot eventually. We often see big voting for a week and than when a song doesn’t come in at #1, the fans get upset because they think its fixed, when they just didn’t bother to read OUR rules. Always remember, we are doing things old school. So the charts are old school too.

Good luck to everyone

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