Year End Countdowns: KB Radio Top 50 & KB Country Radio Top 25

So it is getting to be that time of year again, where we start to look at the end of the year, and another New Year is just around the corner.  With the approaching end of each year I like to take an opportunity to point out the great artists and fans who worked hard over the past year.  We have a countdown for each of the two stations and basically they function the same.  The numbers are slightly different, so I will use KB Radio as the example.

Since it is a Top 50 Countdown we will have approximately 100 songs on the nomination list, or voting list if you rather.  However, any song that has appeared on the Top 25 this year is eligible to be on the Top 50.  We just run into a space issue, with approximately 400 different tracks appearing on the chart over the course of the year, if we attempted to list every song, the list would be too long, and not user friendly at all.  What we do is take every song that made it into the Top 10 and they will appear on the voting list.  There will sill be the option to write in a song, as I said as long as it appeared on the chart through the past year.  For the KB Country version, because we started the chart in May and it just recently expanded from a Top 10 to Top 15, we are going with a Top 25 for the year.  There will be approximately 50 songs on the voting list and the same rules apply, if a song appeared on the chart it is eligible and can be written in under the other option.

The voting for both poll’s will start on November 1st and will end December 13th at midnight EST.  The same voting rules apply, you can vote once per day, no VPN’s and illegal voting will be removed.  The Top 50 Countdown will air on Wednesday December 18th on the Indie Music Show, and the Top 25 Jukebox Countdown will run Friday December 20th at 8PM on KB Country Radio. 

The point system is similar to the regular voting, however, points are awarded based on the chart performance for each song.  The fan voting accounts for 75% of the total points and as in the past I have asked a panel of experts, a combination of musicians and others in the radio industry to review the songs as well.  These reviews get points and that will make up the remaining 25% of the total points.   

There are multiple artists with more than one song that will be eligible,  and I would expect some of them to have multiple songs on the Top 50 or Top 25.  We look forward to the voting and the tabulations to find out what the listeners think is the song of the year for each station.

Any questions, feel free to inquire and we will be happy to answer.


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  1. I would like to vote for Austin Hopkins, Country Dream Girl or Weatherman


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