Year End Countdowns: Tabulation and rules

As with all of our charts the majority of the results come from the fan and listener voting. However some artists have bigger fan bases etc, while this is great for them, it gives them an advantage over others. Our systems are designed to attempt to make it so its not a popularity contest, as mentioned in a previous blog. So whether its for KB Radio or KB Country Radio, the year end polls will be calculated exactly the same.

There are some variations to the weekly polling, starting with the fact that weekly we take into consideration the previous weeks chart. Since this is a years worth of activity that would be hard, in the manner we do it normally to use, so it is not a factor. The other slight difference is that fan voting represents 75% of the total. A friendly reminder this doesn’t mean you get 75% of the votes that came in. What it means is that if you finish in 1st in the voting, you will get the highest amount of points. As an example 1st in voting gets 200 points, 2 in the voting gets 198 points, third gets 196 and so on. Again this is only an example and because the total polls have different sizes the number are different for each poll.

So what ever position you finish in those are your points, and they account for 75% of the total. This means, that if you finished 1st, or 5th or 25th in the voting, that is not your final position in the year end necessarily. Like the weekly voting the other 25% is made up of different groups and areas. For the year end we have a panel of people who assist us with each and every song that is voted for. They are given the criteria, and they take the time to score each song. We also have a couple areas we rank the songs on from the past year. We take all of those number from everyone and everything and take 25% of that total.

Our goal is to have the very best for the end of the year, and to present it as transparent and open as possible, so everyone understands how we do things.

We wish everyone the best of luck in the final week of voting and watch for the results coming soon.

KB Radio Year End Top 50 countdown Wednesday December 18, 2019 8PM EST

KB Country Radio Juke Box Top 25 year end countdown Friday December 20, 2019 8PM EST

Any questions as always please ask.


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