Getting Added to the rotation; What exactly does that mean.

I have written this blog mostly as an attachment for email responses to music submissions, but also general information.  Many of those who read this already know that I do things differently than most other internet based radio stations.  When we get music submissions, you will get one of two emails, either one thanking you for sending in your music and we cannot use it at this time or the better is one saying we can use it and letting you know which stations it will play on.

If you happen to get one that says we won’t be playing or using it, please don’t ask why.  I don’t critique music as a rule.  I look for tracks that will fit with the sound on any of the 4 stations I operate.  the reality of the situation is, last year, being 2019 we received over 10, 000 tracks of music.  I applaud other stations or podcasts that will play all of those songs if they get the same number, and wish them success in their endeavors.  However I program the same as terrestrial or broadcast stations, and due to this there are limited spaces.   Even if I didn’t and played every song submitted on KB Indie Radio as an example let me do some math as an example.

There are on average 16 songs per hour played.  If we were to take those 10, 000 songs, rounded off, it would take 625 hours to play them all back to back.  That works out to about 26 days of non stop music to go through that entire list.  Now of course they all didn’t come in at once and that changes things, but lets not get all technical.

Although we don’t program every song that comes in to one of our stations, those songs that do get added will see multiple plays, and an increased recognition factor with our listeners.  Lets face it, its common sense.  If I could add a song as 1 of 10, 000 and it played once a month for 12 months, yes that’s 12 times for the year, but it doesn’t work that way.  As new music comes in, they would get added because there is still only so many hours in the day.  As our listener numbers climb and the popularity grows we are getting 300 plus songs a week submitted for possible airplay.  That would equate to 20 hours of new music every week, and to play those, you can’t play the others.  I hope this makes sense math wise.

What we do is take songs that fit the sound of each station.  Its how I programmed my first broadcast station I was in charge of in 1989, and its how I do it now.  Again its my methods and let other do things with their methods.  However if I add as an example 100 songs a month to the programming, that is 25 a week, split into different rotation profiles.  Now your music is heard at least once a week, mixed with mainstream tracks and potentially as many as 3 or 4 times in the rotation, and even more if it makes the chart.  I looked at all of the songs in our year end Top 50, in the top 10 positions anyway, and every single song there has played between 90 and 100 times in 2019.  Plus due to popularity among listeners is permanently in rotation on KB Radio.  These same songs got approximately the same number of spins this year on KB Indie Radio.  So would an artist rather get maybe 1 play a month or maybe 200 across 2 different stations.  When a song plays 100 times in a year, it would have played on average 4 times a week for 12 to 16 weeks, being in a high rotation due to its popularity.  The balance of the 100 is made up of extra plays on the chart countdown and it still being aired for the remaining months.

This is for KB Radio, and each of the other 3 stations have their own independent programming and rotation.  The idea for each is to spotlight the newest and most popular among listeners.

So for those who are submitting, if you are told it is going into the rotation it means we want to promote that track and will usually keep your song spinning for 60 to 90 days on the starting station(s).  From that point there are other possibility’s  about where the song can go, but ideally what we like to see is after a couple months a new track from the artist, so we can look at starting the same process again with another song.   This is where WE rely on the artists to help themselves.   This may sound strange but its amazing how many songs we get from an artist or band, start to play it and never hear another word from them.   Than you get the follow up email 10 months or a year later saying “we haven’t heard our song for a while, or something along those lines.”

I truly wish I had the time, not really,  to set a reminder to email everyone that its time for new music.  Call me an ass, but to those of you who think you send out the music and then sit back and wait to become famous, you’re wrong.  It takes hard work and dedication, and if you can’t do your own follow ups with emails, well I am not about to do it for you.  My job is to play them!  LOL   I will say the same thing to everybody and anybody, read our blog about submitting, and although its not required it will help both you and I with your submission.  When you are one of 300 every week, you want to get your music heard, not get an email back saying, there is a problem with your submission.  P.S.  most other stations aren’t that courteous.   There are songs we don’t play on any of the stations.  I don’t think I have ever listed them all in one spot, but here it goes;

  1. Rap – You won’t ever hear rap on my stations
  2. Hip Hop – Now depending on the person defining this can sound very different.  So consider submitting if you think it will work.
  3. Foreign language – We play English language music.  I’m sorry I know this pisses people off because I get your hate mail.  I program with listeners who speak English.  End of discussion.
  4. Instrumental – It just isn’t the sound we are looking for.  We do play some with the Synth Wave show, so its very limited and selective.
  5. Cover Songs – Lets put it the way it is.  We want original material.  I am playing you with mainstream tracks.  Do you think I should pull the original version that was a big hit to play your version of the same song?
  6. Thrash –  That screaming whatever the heck sound it is music.  Its just not happening.

this may seem like a lot, but its not and as I said from the start I am looking for a sound.  When you put on one of the KB stations, you will hear a consistent sound from song to song.  That is at least our intention.

Thanks for reading




  1. Absolutely Brilliant opportunity to have Music played Not just on the Radio 📻 but in another Country, So very Thankful for choosing to Play my Song “More Than Just The Night”


  2. Good, honest blog. Straight to the point without any apologies. This is why KB is the station to be heard on. Thanks for supporting independent artists


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