Dilemma: Do I or Don’t I?

I have been told that one of my greatest faults is the inability to accept help from others. I have been reminded of that recently again and I readily admit that is true in many circumstances. The recent events with the stations (KB Radio, etc) has once again put me in that position.

It has been suggested by many that I set up a go fund me campaign, or something like that to help with expenses. My chief concern has always been that those same artists that I am trying to help by playing their music, would be the most likely to contribute, but at the same time, they are the least likely to be in a good position to do that. I base that on how tough the entire music industry is and how little artists actually make these days. The entire situation with no shows due to the virus aside.

I was told today that many of the artists would appreciate the opportunity to give something back. They would use it as a method of saying thanks. I am not sure if that is true or if it would happen. I am also not sure if I want that.

I didn’t start the stations for fame or fortune, but rather because the music is something I enjoy. As it grew and my costs grew with it, that never bothered me inside, because i could see growth in many ways, not just for me but for artists that I had the pleasure to interact with. I remember artists telling me that after getting played on KB they saw plays on other streaming platforms increase, and they believed it was related. I would like to think there is a parallel, and it gives me a great deal of pride.

When I have the pleasure to interview and talk to artists, it first and foremost lets me know a bit more about the people that are making the music. But I also file away the hope that one day some of them will make it big, and I can pass along to my grand kids, if I ever have any, that I interviewed and knew them before they became so popular. To me it is all about the music and having a good time when I get on the air. The costs are just a nuisance that goes with it.

I would love to get into show and station sponsors, but have never explored that in any large scale. It was just another task for the list, that to be honest I didn’t spend any time on.
That would ultimately help with many of the day to day expenses, but I think and hope it will come naturally from the success of the stations. So my question than would be to ask those who read this, should I do a fund raiser? I hate the idea of having it look like just another person with their hand out. I also don’t want it in any way appear to be tied to plays on my stations if and when they return.

So please share your thoughts with me on this so I can decide whether or not I should attempt this or not.

Thanks, Al Yardy


  1. Hey Al!
    We would love to be able to donate or contribute to helping out any way we can. Maybe artists can do livestream performances as a KB fundraising concert, with proceeds going to getting the stations going, and all costs associated with that.

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