2 months down, and you have to wonder

One of my biggest faults I have been told repeatedly is my inability to reach out and ask for help.  I am called stubborn, lol, but I rather think of myself as kind of self reliant.

I have always liked working for myself, having my own business and being in a position where I dont need to rely on others.   I started my first dj business when I was 15 and here it is, 40 years later I have had 10 different companies, at least I stopped counting at 10.  Some have been good, some have been great.  All have been successful.  An achievement I am very proud of. 

Most of these have been small businesses that I can do myself, don’t need to worry about keeping others employed or happy or having to rely on them for my success.  As I read those words they somehow seem wrong in some ways, but i have no regrets.

My success or failure has always been on my shoulders.  If I didnt put the work in it wouldn’t succeed.  For those that are curious, those businesses have gone away, I sold or I stopped for various reasons.  My last 2 were supporting the radio hobby, and one slowed due to covid, while the other flourished. 

Meanwhile, the company I did contract work, that had been busy during covid, decided to change some of their policies. One of the joys of running my own business, I just said, F.O.  Find yourselves another contractor who will do the job.  Whether they do or don’t is irrelevant to me.

So where am I going with this?  As the stations, KB Radio etc, grew and I expanded I had to ask for more  assistance.  Not in financial term but just in day to day operations.  This was even before Sunny came into the picture.  There have been many people behind the scenes assisting in various ways.  The down side of that, if that assistance goes away, for whatever reason, I am suddenly with more work then I can personally handle.  I know what a horrible problem.  KB Radio got too popular.  But recently as you know that was a huge factor, and although I had hoped to bring that help or partnership in station activities back, even in a small way, I was advised there was zero interest in taking part. 

This puts me in a real mental dilemma because I know that running the 4 stations on my own is impossible.  No let me correct that, I could do that but would not be happy with the product I am putting out.  I cant do it half way or in some lack luster shifty fashion.  There are enough people out there pretending to know how to broadcast and doing a really bad job of it.  Lol   Yes, I am blunt.

But now as I re tool and make plans to downsize, I find myself at a real crossroads.  It is something that I dont feel comfortable about and at the same time can’t ignore.  I have thought about this and discussed it with a couple people and of course their basic opinion is that I am nuts.  Lol  I can say I know I’m not insane, I had a brain scan and they found nothing.

I have been in this boat before.  Many of you may not know but I had a fire in my studio 3 or 4 years ago now.  I was still pretty small, only about 100,000 listeners at that time, but when I said I dont know how I can continue, I got 2 very different reactions.  The first were those who encouraged me to stay and ask for help to keep going.  The other were the ones who, and this will sound harsh are only in contact for one reason.  Their own personal gain.  I view it very different.  I cant succeed without great music and great partnerships with those artists.  We help each other as we work for the same thing, to get people to hear what we are playing.

Let me back up a bit though to when I said there are two things that happened which jump out at me.  In that circumstance I was carrying/airing another entertainers show.  Within 24 hrs of me saying I was likely done, they had bailed on me and my station and signed on with another station to carry their show.  It wasnt entirely as simple as it sounds, but it really was a slap in the face.  Even after keeping things going, they broke off all communication.  Sigh, it says a lot to me, and in my honest way of putting it, “It said nothing good.”

Similarly as this time when I shut down, it was great to see lots of messages, get emails, DM’S even actual hand written letters in the mail about what the stations meant to them and how they wish they could help.   Then I watched them one by one unfollow on Twitter, stop answering emails or messages.

So running KB like a family is and was great until for so many I was of no use anymore because I couldn’t play their music.   Is it hurt feelings or disappointment on my part.  Honestly yes and no.  I refuse to push the go fund me campaign down people throats.  Its not my style, and I just can’t do it.  Its not even that I expect everyone to donate.  I have been told being more aggressive will generate more responses and donations. 

My issue comes, when in about 30 days when I say we are about a month from relaunch and I need to refresh my Indie Music rotation, please start emailing in your tracks, will I suddenly hear from those people again?   We all aren’t best friends, and their is a very strong line between business, friendship and family. I tried to combine all and make it as close to one big family as possible.  Help each other promoting music, and sharing this great Indie genre.

So what am I saying?  Good question.  I wont change how I operate, because I believe that is  big part of my success and why so many others copy what I do.  Lol  Yes I know you do, lol.  I am definitely not saying if people don’t contribute financially it will have an effect.  Think about this, how many people count on sharing and followers of you to share your info, or music or whatever. 

Let me break it down in simple math which is always easier.  I have a little less then 7000 followers on Twitter.  Imagine if 50% of them shared a message.  Well that 3500 people will have similar followers just because of the music connection.  But if each had only 10 followers that don’t follow me, you have helped to reach 35,000 more people if you share my message. 

There is a story that explains this and what is called exponential growth.  Remember, the first 3500 shared, if the same half of the new 35000 shared they reach 175,000 people.  The story goes like this.  They have made Fenway Stadium in Boston water tight.  You are sitting in the top row of the bleachers.  If at 1pm we drop one thimble of water into centerfold, then at 1:01 we double it and drop 2 thimbles of water, at 1:02 4 thimbles , and etc.  How long do you think you have before you risk being  covered in water?  The answer will blow your mind!   Message me for the answer or look it up on line if you rather.   But this is promotion and how to make it work in simple terms.

What I will say to finish the earlier thought, is if you say one thing and do another, if you suddenly friend me again and start sending emails asking for your music to get played, remember you are one of more than 1 thousand, and closer to 1500 songs a month I had submitted to me for air play.   If you had to choose between 2 songs, one from an artist that is new and you hadnt played yet, or someone you have played before, but you saw them turn their back on you, who would you choose?

KB Radio and KB COUNTRY RADIO were and will be programmed professionally offering a mix of mainstream and the best of Indie Music.  But there are only so many songs that can be played or added to these stations and they truly are the best of what is submitted.  KB Indie was launched in part because I got so many song submissions, and I disliked saying no to artists.  I had hoped my extra effort gave them a chance to get their music played, as a part of this great family of stations. 

I will not however struggle to get things done, and end up taking away from the others.   What I am not saying is, I dont want or need anyone kissing my butt.  I will work with anyone who works honestly with me.  Not everyone wants to chat, cross promote, or do anything extra or has the time to do anything.  I respect that, and look forward to working in that limited capacity with them.  But if you suddenly find yourself needing more help, go about it right.  I will lend a hand, right up until I ask for a hand, and you have turned your.back on me.

As always I welcome comments and thoughts. I am not threatening anyone, just stating something I think needed to. be said, before I come back.

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