Station returning status

Do as a quick follow up to the last blog here is where things stand with KB Radio coming back.

At this point there will be a return for KB Radio and KB Country Radio. KB AOR IS Done and KB Indie Radio is on the shelf for the time being. That may be confusing for some people, as there were a great number who seemed to think KB and KB Indie were one in the same. NOT! LOL

I do have a target of November, and am hoping to raise more funds. I am working on setting up advertising and sponsor packages so that the stations can support themselves. I am also looking into a syndication option for one of the shows but I am not sure if it will happen or if I want to.

I can say this i will make a go of it with the Two stations, and hopefully find the sustainability to bring back the Indie.station sometime in the future. For now my goal is to get back online and be able to stay there, without running back into issues in a year or 2. This is a long term project for me.

I also want to tease this and let you know I have been in communication with a number of artists who have offered to be a part of what I will tell is going to be a relaunch of KB and KB Country like no other event. I am still looking for other artists/bands and will be sending out more emails soon. Watch here and our Twitter accounts for more information and announcements.

Also watch for a notification in the next month when I will be looking to start getting music submissions to put in the rotations. A reminder with KB Indie not coming back I will no longer be playing the same amount of great Indie. It is a shame but a part of the outcome.

Thanks to everyone for their continued thoughts, shares, offers and contributions. See you soon on the airwaves!


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