How Politics, Political Humour and Politicians don’t fit on KB Radio

I have talked a lot over the years of why I started KB Radio and my goals and ideas with it, but one thing I don’t think I have spent any time talking about is my political agenda. So lets take a deep dive into that right here, and tell you how come you don’t hear it on my stations.

I have always said to anyone I talk to how fortunate I am to live in a country like Canada. Now there is no perfect place to live, no perfect governing system or government body, and as we all know from watching news from around the world politics have become a very divisive conversation. If you put on most TV stations, either they will have news that features political stories or maybe even opinions, talk shows or debates. Even TV sitcoms in North America over the past couple of years have taken to picking sides in the political debate, and I for one am really sick of it. In the big scheme of things do you really think it mattered in the sitcom Will & Grace which side they voted on. I watched it for comedy, not their opinions.

Lets be completely serious, when we talk about issues with our own countries, with politicians, political parties and supporters very seldom do we find a grey area anymore. I use the US only as an example for my purposes but it is a country so clearly divided politically with 2 parties that depending on which side of the political line you sit can make a difference in friends and how you carry on simple every day conversations. We all in countries like Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia etc have the right to our opinions. We have the ability to share those opinions, and sadly as society has gotten less tolerant of each other, if you share an opinion with someone who disagrees with you, it is now okay to be abusive apparently in some cases to people with differing views.

This new society with no respect for each others opinions, is disturbing in so many ways, but also something I have no interest in taking part in. Let me explain those words very carefully. I will share my thoughts with people who are very close and in my inner circle. People I know who can have a rationale conversation and aren’t complete morons. Now that doesn’t mean if I don’t share with you I think everyone is a moron. I just don’t talk politics, religion etc with many. They are truly hot button topics and my goal as i share music and try to introduce new Indie Music to listeners is just to entertain and offer one place where they won’t get a political comment or joke.

I take this very seriously and it goes into some of the music that is sent to me with requests for air time. I won’t play a song that tells people they think the British PM is a giant toad. Yes, I have had songs like that, for and against, and name your politician in different countries a lot of people put their views into music. I won’t play them. I never have and never will. As I also play some classic mainstream music, people have said to me you play protest songs from the 70s etc. That is very true, but those songs were hits, and are from 40 or 50 years ago. If you release your British PM is a toad song, and it becomes a raging hit in the UK, I Still Won’t Play It. Maybe in 20 years I will give it a spin.

For every potential listener using my USA example again, if I came out pro one politician or party I risk offending or alienating 50% of the population in that country. Now obviously all 350 million don’t listen to KB Radio, though we are close, lol, but there are 350 million potential listeners. Do I really want to piss off 175 million people just by saying one thing or another. It really is that simple. In this country of Canada or any other, maybe the divide isn’t 50/50. But its very easy to offend people these days, and I manage to do that from time to time without getting into politics.

I want people who turn on my stations to hear music and entertainment, and know while everybody else is banging a drum and complaining about this or that, they won’t get it here. I often reference going to a U2 concert to hear him talk about the rain forest, or whatever he is saving this week. But, and this a big but, you know buying that ticket he is going to do that. He always does and always will. It is a part of their shows. Now if you go to another show, and that person is not known for these kinds of antics, the last thing you want to hear is them carrying on about politics. I won’t even get into the fact, that some of these entertainers really shouldn’t be talking about things that they truly have no clue about. Its quite different if you go to a political event and an entertainer appears and performs.

I will also add, that I believe very strongly in cross promoting with artists across Twitter and yes back on Facebook. But I want to support their music. If I find an artist that follows me or I follow them, and their page is filled with political messages, for either side, I will unfollow and sometimes even block. Again, I want to support an artist and their music. I don’t care what your political views are. You need to separate the two of them. Believe me people who know you will follow a private non music account as well, and you can spout off all the political crap you want. But if I am interested in entertainer x and i am looking up information about them, their music etc, and all I can find is politics, why the hell should I care to promote them. They aren’t doing it themselves.

I know some people have a hard time separating life and work, and things like that but when they start bleeding into each other they affect everything. I recently posted a short version of this blog, about no politics on Twitter, and immediately someone with the name Antifa in their profile name followed me. I am guessing they were just testing. But you are damn right i blocked them. I also won’t weigh in on BLM, defunding police, and anything that is controversial. I will suggest to people to wear masks and take care, if not for themselves but for other more vulnerable people. That type of statement isn’t political, its just good common sense and common courtesy.

So there you have it in a nutshell. Life is too short to spend all our time worrying about some things. Everybody needs a break, and a place to get away from some of the silliness. If KB Radio or KB Country Radio manage to provide you that break with the music we are playing, thank you for giving us a chance. If you think I am out to lunch with my views and how I operate, that’s okay too. You won’t be the first person who told me I’m nuts, but I am still here, and I don’t know what happened to them.

Take care everyone, and take care of each other.


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