Accepting New music submissions effective October 08, 2020 and New On Air Lineup (partial)

Greetings to everyone who is interested in submitting their music to be played on air with KB Radio or KB Country Radio. The stations will both be returning to the airwaves on November 14th of this year, and because at that point it will be 4 months since I added new music, I need to basically overhaul all of the Indie Music in Rotations. As a reminder for everyone and for those who have not submitted in the past, I give you this link for another of my blogs about the submission process for us. We have very few “rules” and we are truly one of the easiest stations to submit to. Here is that link: Music Submission Process

As we move forward with getting the 2 stations on line, you may note that I have said 2 and not 4 stations. KB Indie Radio and KB AOR will NOT be returning to the airwaves. As was discussed when I shut things down the work load and costs for 4 stations had become too much. With the loss of these two stations, I am facing a situation where my ability to play as many different Indie Artists as I did becomes limited. My stations were built on the a specific format for playing Indie Music mixed with mainstream and I will not be leaving that format. I will however by changing the lineup on KB Radio to make Sundays all Indie Music. This hopefully will open up for some other Indie tracks that may have played on the two stations that no longer exist. With that I am also hoping to bring back the shows that had aired on those stations, like “Jet City Rockers”, The Welsh Connection” and others as well.

One thing I will point out and please take note of this. Any music submitted before the start date, listed above, will not be reviewed. Even though I have signed off and every email gets an auto reply saying we are no longer on the air, I have continued to get submissions. From my blunt side, my favourite are the promoters who send 5 or 10 a week, and obviously don’t read anything in their inbox. I have more than 3000 songs in my inbox at this moment, and there is no way I could go through all of them. Again please read my blogs, about how to submit and how I program the music, and hopefully it will make sense to everyone.

I will continue to attempt to reply to almost every submission. Be fore warned, those who don’t have the time or energy to include anything in their emails except the music. No greetings of a simple hello, one word only, or to really put an effort in and say, “Hello, how are you, here is my music submission.” Well I put as much effort into replying to those people. If you don’t give a damn, why the hell should I?

If you are unsure of what I mean, I will attach an example of an email, that I often get. Email address and song title blocked out to protect the name of the lazy individual who thinks this is all they have to do.

Thanks to the 99% who work so hard to promote your music and work with those of us who want to work with you.

Al Yardy

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