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We are less then a week from the official reboot of KB Radio and KB Country Radio. As many of you know it also will be our start without the return of KB Indie Radio and KB AOR. With the loss of these two stations it also reduces the amount of potential air time for Indie Artists. The two main stations that are returning have very tight programming, which many other internet stations like to poke fun at, but these stations are also incredibly successful. However when we started the other two it was to open more opportunities for airplay. I am going to try and open it up in some ways without changing the integrity of KB and KB Country.

Lets start with KB Radio:

The biggest announcement comes here as I am making Sunday into All Indie Sundays on KB. We had a lot of success with some of our partners who supplied shows to us on the Indie station and I am bringing all the shows back. Starting at midnight Saturday, for the next 24 hours each week will be nothing but Indie music. This will be made up with a mix of Indie Songs, some of which you will hear through the week on KB and a bunch that maybe wouldn’t fit in with the regular programming, but we want to share and give a spin to the artists. This music will play all day and around these other supplied shows. The schedule for the supplied shows is as follows, and will be available to hear every Sunday, starting November 22, 2020 on KB Radio. www.kbradio.ca

9 AM: Top 25 Replay – this is a replay of the Top 25 Countdown that is heard regularly during the Indie Show on Wednesday nights.

11 AM: The Welsh Connection – The Welsch Connections aim is to support the music from Wales from the 1960s through today. welshconnectionsmusic.com

12 PM: Jet City Rockers – This is a show that aired on AOR and gives you a mix of great Rock and Roll with Captain Michele and Co Pilot Rob. jetcityrockers.com

1 PM: Changing Faces Radio Show – Gives you something different every week to showcase music from artists around the globe thisischangingfaces.com

2 PM: Foreversynth Radio – A show that highlights some of the best in Synthwave Music. foreversynth.com

There are not as many changes to KB Country Radio. The first change is the Jukebox Top 10 is expanding to a Top 25. The Countdown show will air on Friday Nights at 8 PM on KB Country Radio www.kbcountryradio.ca and the repeat will move to a later start time on Saturdays due to the addition of another new show to our lineup. The new start time will be noon Saturdays on KB Country Radio. You can vote for your favourites every week by going to the KB Country website, the link is above, and clicking on the link for the Jukebox Top 25 at the top of the page.

The mix of music programming stays exactly the same as it has been for well over a year. We had added a new countdown show to KB Country “The Canadian Indie country Countdown” which will be returning, but they have also expanded due to their popularity. We will be welcoming their new show, The Back 50 and it will air at 6 AM Saturday mornings and the Top 50 follows that at 9AM Saturday. You can find out more about these great shows at their webite.

Canadian Indie Country Countdown

As far as regular programming on KB Radio, the line up stays the same, we welcome callers, requests and comments.

Mondays 8PM – The 70s Show – A show that features the best of the 1970s

Thursdays 8PM – The 80s show – Like the previous, but this show features the great music from the 1980’s

Wednesday 8PM – Our most popular show with listeners in more than 165 Countries. We feature Indie music, new to the station, regular artist and music business related people interviews and our weekly fan voted Top 25 countdown. The Countdown will return for the first time November 25th. Go to the KB Radio webpage and click on Top 25 to vote for your favorite songs.

That covers everything I believe. Don’t forget artists, music submissions to the live@kbradio.ca email address only, and you can read about that process with this blog. Submissions

All other comments feel free to drop me a note alyardy@kbradio.ca

Thank you to everyone for the great welcome back notes and messages and making me feel so good about what I do every week.


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