Update: December 1 2020

So its a couple days away from the 1st of December, but lets put this together today. So we kicked off the re launch with what was supposed to be the huge Indie Music Festival, which as you all know became a broadcasting nightmare. So the update on that, was I spent the next week and a bit, till I got sick and think I had it solved to do Facebook Watch parties, to share the entire show in stages. I never got the chance to offer that, as about 11 days ago I came down with a nasty flu bug, which they thought was covid to start. The last 11 or 12 days have been fun, as I managed with all of the deep coughing and hacking to tear some muscles in my abdomen, and between all of that nonsense was laid up for almost 2 weeks.

Festival wise, the entire show is on YouTube, and i will post and publish that so it is available for viewing. I still hope we can do some watch parties, moving forward, where we will feature one or two of the bands at a time. Watch for posts about those events. I have managed to get the new Indie Sundays going on KB Radio, with all of the new shows that go along with the great Indie Music. After only doing one live show before getting sick, I will do the next one, this Monday November 30th with a new 70’s show.

Also posted on both websites, is the opening of voting for both countdowns on each of the stations. This coming Wednesday will be our first new Top 25 on KB Radio during the Indie Show and Friday night will be the New Juke Box Top 25 on KB Country Radio. Voting is open, links at the bottom of this blog, the same rules apply as before for voting. I have made one small change, in hoping to help with an ongoing issue. Some artists have bigger fan bases and find it easier to get votes, so we are now asking that you vote for 3 artists when you cast your ballots. This will hopefully assist in the area of the voting.

A couple things to look forward to; the first is a new album review section that will be starting during the Wednesday night Indie Shows. I am in the process of setting it up with a guest host who will review a new album or EP every week. Ideally we are looking for artists that are being played on KB Radio or KB Country Radio, but that doesn’t have to always be the case. If you are being played and would like to be considered for the review, let me know, and I will be passing on the names etc to the new host for that segment. This part of the program should begin the first week of January 2021.

The next point I would like to share, and offer is I am looking at the idea of adding a co host/side kick for the Juke Box Top 25 countdown every week. There is not a set schedule to find this person, but I would be looking for someone who is able to commit to doing this every week. The show is a couple hours on Friday nights, and there is some advance work involved, but I would like to find someone who is able to make that kind of commitment and stick with it. I will do a separate post about that, what I am looking for, and more details in the coming weeks. Watch either the blog site, FB or Twitter for notice about that posting. I will add, that my last co host did not have any experience until starting doing the show with me, and it worked out well, so having experience will not be a pre requisite. I will be looking for someone that when we do the shows, there is an on air chemistry where we work together smoothly, and easily.

The last thought is about music submissions. The sick days let my inbox pile up, and I am working through them as quickly as possible. A friendly reminder that we only review music through email submissions, and the submission process is shown here in this blog. music submissions I want to thank all of the artists and the promoters who work so hard and make a great effort on behalf of those artists.

Links for voting

https://kbradio.ca/top25.html KB Radio Top 25

https://kbcountryradio.ca/Countrycharts KB Country Radio Juke Box Top 25


  1. Here is Gus from Silent! I hope you’re feeling better! We have our song, Rise, on air with you guys and we would love to get in the album review show! How can we apply for it?


    • Thanks for the message Gus. I will pass along your name, and let the reviewer also reach out. If you can send a link for your album to albumreview@kbradio.ca and they will be back in touch with you. We won’t be starting to air them until January, so there is a little time as we get things started. Thanks for asking


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