Who opened the doors to the nut house, and why are they coming here.

I originally wrote this a couple years ago. As you will see if you read it Sunny is included in it, so it isnt new. But I was going through my drafts in my blog file and wondered why I never posted it. Likely she said I shouldn’t. She always was the voice of reason of the two of us.

Is it a full moon?  Everyone knows that I have my way of doing things, that I think and attempt to be as professional as I can.  So when some of you finish laughing at that, I do work hard and try and maintain set standards for operations.  Than you have a week, or just a couple days like the past few and you scratch your head about what in the world is going on.

We are as busy as ever getting music submissions from artists, averaging 75 to 100 songs every day of the week.   We love the amount of music, but early on set out a simple method for submitting to the station.  We really only have one restriction, and that is if you want to send in an album or EP,  please indicate which song you want to promote and we encourage a second track in case we aren’t able to use the first track.  It is in the blog about music submissions which you can find here as well.  I explain it like this, and I wrote that before we were getting so many submissions, the time it takes to go through each song and the processes with that is the issue.  Each song that comes in has to be entered onto a list of music received, listened to, and than depending on what is happening set up with proper tags etc for broadcast, plus an email in reply to the sender.  Without listening to the entire song, giving it anywhere from 30 to 60 seconds, it still takes 6 minutes per song, or more.

A few weeks ago I was floored when an artist sent in an album, and I asked if they could let us know which song they wanted to promote.  I explained the time issue, and they responded about their lifes work into this album, and ripping me a new one because I couldn’t take 42 minutes to listen to his album.  I laughed and laughed and blocked his email and he can promote his music wherever he wants, but I have no use for him.  I grant you it may have been an amazing album, but I never listened at all.  I have talked about the way we handle music submissions with our weekly meetings before so I won’t bore you with that again.  But I will tell you that this weeks music meetings, over 4 days of work, I processed 182 emails and there were more than 500 songs in those emails.  Now every song didn’t take 6 minutes, because if an artist sent in 2 tracks in the email, than it was 8 to 10 minutes for that email.  But even at only 6 minutes for every email that is 900 minutes, or 15 hours.  I started keeping track of how long each email took, and discovered it just scared me.  LOL  I sat down at noon one day, and except for a couple breaks to grab a drink or snack, all of which I consumed while working, I spent 11 hours going through emails.

Now where am I going, this is all old news, but I had a good email this week, which i haven’t included in these numbers.  This artist said very few words in the actual email, but included a drop box link and the suggestion I could pick one I liked.  The drop box link was to their entire library which consisted of 180 songs.  LMAO   I am sorry to say this, but who in their right mind thinks this is a good idea?  The answer to the question is no, I didn’t listen to any of them.  I also didn’t reply to the email.

I than open an email from an artist who blocked me a couple months ago on Twitter.  He not only blocked me but also Sunny and one of the other KB Stations twitter account.  I did reply, and told him I wasn’t interested in someone who thinks its okay to work in this manner.  He had unblocked us to submit the music.  So he reached out to Sunny saying it was all a terrible mistake.  He meant to block another station that must have been beside us on the list.   I guess it was 3 times we were next to someone else.   He finally sent her a message saying, I went on a blocking spree.  Sorry.   Sunny is much nicer than me.   I sent his emails to the junk file, and don’t even read them anymore.  If I did reply it would probably be to ask him if it was the word OFF he didn’t understand.

My other favorite thing is someone tagging their music onto one of my Tweets.  I mean if you are going to post a Youtube link hoping we will listen, which we won’t by the way, don’t attach it to a Tweet that promotes another artist.  I asked for it to be deleted, and 12 hours later, they have tweeted 40 more times, and ignored my request.  The funny thing is any time in the past someone has done this, and I have gone to one of their accounts and attached something to promote someone else, they always get really pissed off at me.  Its a crazy double standard that i don’t understand.  But it is a good way to get blocked by us, because it is such a simple little thing, and if you are too ignorant to work with us on something as simple as that, than we have no interest in working with you on anything.

I don’t even know at this point if I will publish this.  I guess if you are reading I did, but it just seems crazy how everything happens all at once.  Its never just one crazy, its like someone opened the sanatorium doors and let everyone out.

Music Submissions 2022

I am writing a brand new blog about submitting music because of an email I got. Here is what the email said “Hi, I know your busy, but please try to find time for four minutes to listen to one of the tracks.” It included a Soundcloud link and when i clicked that link there were 27 songs. Before I talk about this email lets lay out how simple it is to submit music to KB Radio and KB Country Radio.

  1. Please attach 1 or 2 songs either by sending the files directly or using drop box, google drive, we transfer..etc.. I am open to all means of attaching. They can be mp3 or wav or ? again your choice. (Do Not send YOUTUBE link, do not send Soundcloud link that does not download)
  2. Please make sure the attached file is labelled. I say this because I get an email from John Smith and the file is labelled song #2 with no band name. Is John Smith the name of the artist?
  3. Twitter made life difficult a couple years ago, so please give us permission to use your twitter handle and provide said Handle here. We are now so busy if your Twitter handle isn’t provided, I wont be spending time searching online to find it for labelling.
  4. Include a little something. Bio’s are great, i love to keep a file on everyone I can, and I can tell you if you don’t include one that’s fine, but at lease say something in the email. Emails with a song attached and zero text, no words written will be given as much attention as was given to the writing of that email.
  5. The only other thing to consider is if you are sending a file through a drop box link that is time sensitive be aware that due to the volume of email I get, and since I work alone I am always about 7 days or more getting to your email. so if there is a 7 day limit on the email, it will be dead by the time I open it.

There really aren’t any rules submitting to my stations other than I don’t want Youtube style links. It takes approximately 7 minutes to process one email. That is open and read it, open the song or download, listen to part of it, reply and than process that song if need be so its ready to go to air on my stations. When I say listen to part of it many are surprised to learn I listen to maybe 15 to 30 seconds of a song. That is all the time you have for me to decide. Don’t think this is me being a jerk in some way, its the way it is when you get so much music in. Do the math in your head if you want. If someone only got say 30 songs in a week. 4 minutes average, start to finish listening will take your 4 hours to hear them all. That is nothing else, like setting them up for broadcast, the emails etc.

So If I am lucky I can do 9 emails an hour. I ask for one or two songs, because I am running 2 radio stations. This is were we go back to the email at the beginning. I am not a music promoter. As I point out to people I have an Adult Contemporary Station and a Country Station, both of which program some Indie Music. So I am looking for your Indie song that you are promoting, and in case there is an issue a second as a back up option to consider. 99% of the artists don’t have a problem, and I have no issue explaining how I operate. The difference between my stations and Indie Stations, is they play all Indie, and I get 1000 emails a month and play less than 1 in 10 of the songs that are submitted to me. So if your email includes a link with 27 songs, what am I supposed to do? Just randomly go through them? Than when I find one I like email so you can send it to me. If you send a YouTube link I wont even listen. By the time i do, record all the information and then wait for you to send another email, I will have listened to another 200 hundred songs likely and forgotten and be right back to square one.

It is the same for sending the same email multiple times because I haven’t replied. I know many artists say they don’t hear from stations. You know what, give them shit! This is part of the process, replying and if they question why I take so long its because i reply to almost everyone.

Lets face it, I run two radio stations. I am not promoting music, I am promoting my stations. I do so by programming music that I think my listeners will like. If artists want to work together with some form of promotions, I will do what I can, we have charts that can help further promote individual songs, and there are other things we can do as well. Its not my job to pick your next great song. Its not

The final thought is I don’t critique music. I am looking for songs that will fit with the flow on my stations and appeal to my listeners. I don’t send back shitty emails if I am not using a song I just say we are unable to use it. It could be any number of reasons, from genre, to sound quality, to vocals to the fact that the opening is 90 seconds long and is the same 6 notes repeated 40 times over and over. Its your music, your pride and joy and not for me to criticize. But if it isn’t going to work on my station please don’t send back a follow up email saying how I am obviously missing the boat by not selecting your music.

Lets work together. Maybe that song doesn’t work but the next one will. But you send a shitty response back all future emails are going to the junk mail, and you will never know if it could have been played.

The email to submit music kbradiomusic@outlook.com

Time to Move On.

It has been a very long and in many ways difficult few months since I pulled the plugs on KB and KB Country. But it also has been a very informative few months. I have learned a lot about a great number of people but most importantly I have learned about myself.

When the stations went off I lost contact with most of the artists and listeners. I understand communication is a two way street and I too was taking a low profile for some time. As time went on and I started to look at options for getting the stations back on I put together some plans and started posting and talking about it. Apart from some support in terms of positive feedback and a few who did make offers to help in any way they can, it was deafeningly silent. Kind of a strange sound for somebody used to broadcasting and laying it out on the air daily.

I discovered through this process a band that I had supported greatly for the last 5 years, had been using me. If you want a further explanation, I ran a feature that centred around them. That gave them a constant presence on my website, a weekly music feature and regular promotional spots on air. I never asked for anything for this, it was a creative idea that i thought would be good for both them and I. In the end I discovered they have been helping financially support at least one other online station. I never asked for anything, but lets just say that it was disappointing to learn after 5 years of free promotions which represented more exposure for them than any other artist, i hadn’t even seen one offer to help.

No worries, I keep track of things and going forward, and decided that feature was dead, along with any airplay for that artist, and I would re-brand the feature, bring in a new band to headline it. The same thing was going to be going forward, I only asked if they would participate, nothing else. But they had already done so much for the station, to support in many ways over the past couple years, it was a way for me to give back to them.

I began searching for sponsors to help get the stations back on the air, and have hit nothing but dead ends. There may someone out there, but I haven’t found them, and to be completely blunt I have grown weary of the no’s.

I never began KB with any idea to make money, but I certainly got tired of it costing me so much that it had an affect on my personal life. They say through difficult times you find out who your friends are. It is a very true statement. For those that know me and were a great support I apologize but I am tired of games. Its time to do something for myself and move on. I have been told I have the same problem in personal relationships. I get involved with women, some people call them damaged, but I don’t like that term or characterization. When I look back I see the pattern and its people who are looking for something, and I gave them the support they needed. Unfortunately, much like the station, when they no longer needed me in their corner they move on. LOL That seems to be the same response from 95% of the artists I worked with over the past few years. Walk the walk and talk the talk when they needed something, but when they didn’t have a need, they disappeared.

It is a time consuming business the entertainment industry and incredibly cut throat. How many artists really truly give a damn about the music or are they just trying to have their own little 15 minutes of fame? The only thing that saves them is that so many people have started their own stations or reviews or podcasts and are screaming for music, any music, that they will always find someone who will claim to be a help to them. But at the end of the day, when that broadcaster gets bigger and has more music coming in, who will they remember?

I have always been a controlling person. When Sunny and I split there was a funny situation where she tried to reach out to two other female friends of mine. For some reason they blocked her, which may have been because she had blocked and refused any association with them for a couple years prior to that. Her response which i heard of from another 4th person, not involved in this, was to assume I told them what to do and block her. She referred to me as the puppet master. That was so fucking funny to me but also accurate. Except she was wrong. I don’t tell people what to do. I control what I can in my life and my business. I learned time after time that unfortunately most often you can only count on yourself to get things done correctly or to the manner in which you desire.

Was I in total control of my stations. Absolutely. I drove that control to more than half a million listeners for KB Radio and approaching that for Country. Its the same scenario you stopped hearing ghostly beard on my stations. He liked to be in control of his music and identity. I totally get that. Of course when he said my station sounded like shit, the easiest solution to that was to stop playing his music. He was right, it sounded so much better.

What is the idea of this blog. I don’t fuck around and I rarely care too much if people don’t like me or my opinion. I respect every person has their own opinions on whatever subject you want to discuss. I respect that as individuals we are entitled in this part of the world to our own opinion. Usually those who hold a different opinion than you, don’t feel the same way.

When i had my heart attacks it set me back and slowed down the process trying to get the stations going. It also showed me that it was time to focus on myself. I have recently had friendships go sour because of some events, and that’s fine. We all should take a look at ourselves from time to time, because it takes 2 to Tango. If you think I am an asshole, that’s okay. I don’t care. lol There are only 24 hours in a day and I wont waste a minute of my time any more with people who don’t want to stay in touch. Shit just happens some times. Of course my next statement tells you that I have probably made it difficult for some people to stay in contact.

I closed my Facebook, my Instagram, my Twitter accounts, my whatapps is gone and I have removed Messenger and Skype. I have made it known over the past few months how to connect with me if people chose. Once again I will never say never. I am considering some other offers, but for now its time to take care of myself. To the so many wonderful artists and promoters, and listeners etc i have met and touched base with over the years, I cant name you all right here. But just so you know, the ones who made their presence known remain in my thoughts and my heart and my prayers.

So lets see, sort of explained why KB is not coming back any time soon. Took a shot at a couple bands and artists, and some ex gf’s Pissed off a couple people I am sure, but I have spent the last 2 weeks dealing with a Cardiac Rehab Program in which the people talk down to you constantly. The only thing missing from their conversations was a pat on the head and a treat with a good boy comment. That was the icing on the cake.

I have worked too hard my entire life to be taking crap from people. I don’t expect golden treatment, just to be treated like the decent human being i try to be. I learn as well, as I said about things like my desire to control all elements of my business life. I am sure in many ways that trickled into my personal life. But i was recently spending time with non profit charity groups. Helping with meals and the homeless. Clothing for people in need that kind of thing, and it reminded me how fortunate in so many ways I am. I will keep moving forward. If anyone wants to reach out please feel free to do so.

Good luck to everyone, and at the end of the day, i may be here tomorrow or i may not. I don’t know, but i know I will do what is right for me, and whoever is a part of my life.

I need to add this, after it was already posted. Because i have cancelled all my social media, I have no where to share this. So it likely wont get seen by many


Al Yardy

2022 Is Just Around the Corner…

For everyone who knows me, and most of you who read this do, I am a pretty open guy in many ways. However, the openness is not my entire character. I love the radio shows, the music and all the incredible people I have met because of this, from around the world. Many of you i consider friends as well beyond the music & radio DJ relationship. It opened my world to not only musicians but also to listeners and fans. Some of those fans I have had better relationships than others, but as I look back I have no regrets. Could I have done things differently. Hell Yes! Should I have done some things differently? Hell Yes! But in the end we cannot change the past, and need to always learn from both the good and the bad that has happened in our lives.

Last June and July I thought were the worst days I could ever have. Not only did I suddenly find myself not in a relationship and getting married. But the stations were snowballing out of control. I have talked about in previous blogs, but there was a cost to the stations success. As part of that cost it of course as you all know had forced me to shut down. I would say everyone knows that, but I still get people reaching out through Twitter and Facebook trying to submit music for air play.

The question became what would it take to make another comeback. The answer of course was dollars and cents. But at what cost. I had the Go Fund Me page and it was hard to take money from people. It was especially hard when I shut down because I felt I had let all of those people down. So I was determined to find a way to raise funds and get back to what I love so much.

I had just started talking about sponsorship’s and advertising on the stations when suddenly life punched me in the gut. So a long story that goes back 25 plus years, involves and old accident injury where I broke my back doing ice storm damage. It was discovered quite by accident almost 20 years later. Yes you read that correctly. You see when i broke 5 disks in my back I also shattered both knees. Since I am a stubborn SOB who has to do things my own way, I finished the job I was working on at the time I fell. I then drove myself back to my office, where I let my staff know I was going to need someone to cover the work I had been planning to do. I then went home, and had my wife drive me to the hospital. It has been guessed that because i drove myself in, the back was missed. If I had been transported they likely would have done a full body scan and found that injury. But that’s in the past and I cant change that fact either.

The reason I give you that background is because doing the radio shows or anything is a great joy for me, but is also incredibly painful. Sitting in the chair for long periods causes a pain in my back that is unbelievable. To counter act that I have been getting nerve block injections for about 6 years. Ever since I went to a pain specialist to find out why my knee pain wasn’t subsiding. I still had awful back pain, but figured it was mostly due to my size. So long story short I was at that doctor a couple months ago when I had an attack in his office while their for injections. (Side note that’s 28 needles every 7 days to help function) They thought it was a heart attack at that point, but as it turned out, a new medicine had cause a dramatic drop in my blood pressure, which mimicked a heart attack. I know for someone not very open, I am talking a lot.

This led to me going for more tests, and sometime like a month or so I was diagnosed with a serious heart blockage and problem. I was immediately scheduled for a procedure with the top heart surgeon in the city and it was time to wait. My one doctor said I was a ticking time bomb. LMAO That’s funny to me. The news shook me up more than I would admit to anyone. In fact I didn’t share the news publicly. I wasn’t in the spotlight anymore with the stations, and I am not one to go looking for sympathy.

Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the procedure date, and suffered 3 heart attacks a couple weeks ago. I posted in Facebook my thanks to all the staff at the hospitals who did everything for me. I walked out of the hospital a couple days later, with nothing changed. They weren’t able to correct the problem.

To say my life did a flip is an understatement. I have always lived my life saying I don’t know if I would be here tomorrow. Past jobs I would tell people/customers that I would make sure any work I hadn’t completed was documented even though I was planning to return the next day. You never know when you might get hit by a bus. It took me about a week, and some very intense conversations with my family, my father, my sons and friends to start to bring me back on track. Nothing has changed from 25 years ago. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring so why let that stop you. Hell I thought I was going to be married again by today, and instead I am staying single and taking care of myself.

I have taken a long way to get to where I am going, and more details than I originally envisioned sharing when I sat down to write this, but I go where my heart takes me. My heart and my head said, be open, lay it all out there and let the chips fall where they may.

So full speed ahead on finding sponsors or advertisers. Its time to get back focused on music! I haven’t even sat in my studio until today for probably 2 months minimum. I have a date in my head for January 1st 2022. This however is not firm but at the same time it is very firm. What I mean is I cannot and will not spend all my time trying to raise money get the stations back on only to have them back in the same position in another year. I need to be able to see a long term plan, or its will be time to end it permanently. Please do not take that as some kind of threat, lol, on reality. I have had many businesses over the years, and done well along the way, but I also knew when it was time to move on.

So the first thing is it looks like I need to build a new website. I haven’t been able to resolve the old addresses, and to be honest am tired of trying. If you are looking for a web-host, avoid One.Com I will write everything I can think of that is positive here about this company. Yep, that’s it. NOTHING

So watch for as things get moving a new website, and new emails for music etc. I know that sucks because we used the other for so long, however there are pros and cons to everything.

I would like some feedback on an idea for fundraising I would like to attempt. I was thinking of a monthly draw for the stations, with a 50/50 component, plus as an added element, team up with a different artist every month who would donate some of their music to the winner. The costs to take part would be minimal and a new one would run every month. For the artists, I would include their name each month with the draw, and links to whatever site they choose to hopefully generate traffic to them. Let me know what you think of the idea, and if you are a musician and like the idea and would like to be a part of it one month, let me know as well.

I will get into changes with the stations. For the most part if it goes forward, things will go back to the way it was. However, since my stopping of broadcasting some things have come to light. I consider myself pretty easy going, but when I find out someone has been using me, or taking advantage of my nice side, I really have a problem. So without saying anything more, there will be some notable changes to programming if and when we return.

So I will leave it there. If anyone is interested in advertising, sponsorship’s, etc please reach out. If you are interested in the monthly draw idea and taking part let me know.

I look forward to comments and suggestions. I also will be looking for some help with some areas moving forward if I return to air. I am still in search of a co host for the country countdown, unless someone can convince Sunny to do it again. lol

Take care everyone.

al yardy

Sponsorship and Advertising on KB Radio and KB Country Radio

The following is the prepared package excluding rates for sponsorship, advertising and naming rights for KB and KB Country Radio. This is an important next step in the process of getting the stations back on air. This will not be just me posting and hoping someone reaches out, I am actively recruiting myself with emails and messages. However the radio community with not just the artists, but promoters, producers, writers and the wonderful listeners and fans is also an area where if you know someone who may be interested please pass along the link to this blog, the content or even just my contact information. Heres hoping that we will be back on the air soon. Any questions please feel free to use the following email. As of this date and time the existing, previous emails for KB Radio are still dormant and that issue is unresolved. kbradiocanada@gmail.com

Thank you in advance for anyone who shares


     KB radio started as a simple podcast in 2015. The idea was that terrestrial radio had become too predictable to formatted and out of touch with most listeners. I started with four live three hour shows per week. Each show varied one was an indie music show another was a 80s, a third was a country. And the fourth was classic rock within 10 months, it had grown to more than 50,000 regular listeners, and I knew I was onto something. I went to Radio College in 1985 through 1987 at Fanshawe College here in London, and taking that and my years of experience, I started to 24 hour online radio stations based on the growth of the podcasts, with two growing audiences. I had to further expand less than a year after I started into not just KB radio, but expand to a country version as well KB country radio, and an entirely new entity all on its own. And that, of course, had the country for format. The stations have grown exponentially since 2016 and for the last 12 months of operation, which would be June 22 through June 2021 we tracked web hits or over 600,000 hits for KB radio over 250,000 hits for KB country radio. As far as listeners we have seen the same tremendous growth with over half a million listeners for KB Radio and 200,000 for KB Country Radio in the last 12 months. All the growth that we’ve seen through social media such as followers has been natural through people that wanted to take part, not using any services and grown all on our own, with no help from outside sources.

     To me having a target audience or demographics is extremely important.  I want to know who my audience is and when they listen.  Focusing on certain demographics in many ways makes the job of running the stations easier.  Things like music selection are much easier.  If we did play anything and everything that would be the simplest, however it doesn’t have a lasting appeal.  Listeners tune into my country station to hear country music.  This may seem as if I am over simplifying it, however many stations that do not target demographics or play specific genres will play country music.  However the next song, could be RAP, or Metal, or Dance, you get the idea.  These stations will find it hard to get and hold listeners for long listening periods.  When it comes to my two stations, both have a target demographic. I work very hard at targeting a specific audience and that demographic breaks down this way:

  1.  90% of the listeners on both stations are 30 plus years of age
  2.  30% of listeners are 30 to 40 years old
  3.  35% of listeners are 40 to 50 years old
  4.  25% of listeners are 50 years old and above
  5.  The final 10% are below the age of 30, the majority of those between 20 & 30 years old

When we take a look at listeners, and the breakdown between male and female listeners it is a 60/40 split with more women tuning in then men.  The age demographics are the same across both sexes.  With 3 live shows per week on KB Radio and 1 live show per week on KB Country Radio all shows see significant increases in listeners over regular streaming hours.   The breakdown for the live shows is as such;

  1. The 60s/70s Show Monday nights, 8pm to midnight EST.  3.4 to 1 for listeners to the show compared to regular day time streaming hours
  2. The 80s/90s Show Thursday night 8pm to Midnight EST   3.6 to 1 for listeners to the show compared to regular day time streaming hours
  3. The Indie Music Show Wednesday nights 8pm to Midnight EST.  The most popular show with more than a 5 to 1 ratio for listeners.  During the Top 25 Countdown which is part of the show we see a peak of just over 7 to 1 for listeners compared to regular streaming hours.
  4. The Jukebox Top 25 Countdown Friday Nights from 8PM to 10PM EST on KB Country Radio we see a ratio of 6.8 to 1 for listeners compared to regular streaming hours on the KBC.

   We can further break down listeners under various criteria. For example 70% of our listeners are tuning in, directly through their PC while the balance are using a device like a phone or tablet.  We did have our own apps for both Android and IOS devices but were discontinued.  While there was small growth in usage we found early on they were seldom used.  A further breakdown shows that of those listening through PC’s over 80% were through a browser, most often through our websites, but also using other online apps like TuneIn etc.   The balance listen through platforms like WinAmp, Windows Media Player or something similar. 

The analytic’s that are available now are extremely detailed from all of the listed breakdowns, to brand of PC’s, browser type, and even most frequent song that listeners turn off the stream or leave.  This type of information has been paramount in enabling me to streamline the sound and eliminate music that is not as popular.

Sponsorship Advertising and Naming Rights

The top advertising spot on the stations will be the new naming rights for both stations countdowns.  These are extremely popular, with huge listener numbers and thousands of fans voting every week for their favourite songs.  A new countdown is presented each week, separate and independent on each station.  The naming rights can be for one or both countdowns.  If you choose to target both, a reduced price is offered.  Both stations naming rights are on a one year contract.  We want a long term commitment and the idea of changing sponsors every month is not conducive to a good business model.  A side note is that the contract will be at this point for the year 2022 and any remaining months in 2021 will be no charge and bonus coverage.

What you get;

     1. All show literature and publications be it online, email, website or social media will include sponsor name. 

     2. The countdown and voting page for each station will include banners etc. promoting each countdown with you as the title sponsor.

     3. Both countdowns not only play live, but are also repeated the day after for different listeners around the world in different time zones.  Numerous mentions during these shows with posts on Social media.  These posts include a live Tweet for each song as it played. With those tweets will be included the title sponsor and countdown name.  That currently exists without sponsors names.

Show sponsorship’s are available on a weekly basis or monthly.  Monthly contracts will also get a reduced rate over paying each week.  Please note there are of course 52 weeks in the year so monthly deals break down this way.  If you are sponsoring the 70s Show on Mondays, then every Monday in the contracted month will apply.  As an example in 2021 the first 6 months 4 of them have 4 Mondays, while in March and May there are 5 Mondays.  Weekly rates are exactly that, but monthly rates will not change for months with a 5th day.  Consider it a bonus for you.  As with naming rights, all sponsors will get numerous mentions live during the show itself.  Banner ads and links on the respective web page for the month under contract.   All social media posts promoting the show will include sponsor name and links as well.

The last opportunity is straight advertising with banner ads on the web-page.  This will vary depending on page placement and will be on one month contracts only.  A one month contract to have a banner ad on page 1 of KB Radio will also put it on Page 1 of KB Country Radio

All contracts will be paid in advance.  There will be no exceptions.  Any person paying and payment does not go through, due to whatever reason will have the opportunity to rectify immediately.  If not completed, those advertisements will not only not air or be listed but no future advertising will be permitted. 

I have felt very fortunate with the 2 stations, and although I briefly dabbled with 4, as much sense as it made, the crazy reality is that the work load for 4 is just too much. At least for me, to do it in the manner and professional standards I want to broadcast. I also feel blessed with the number of artists and listeners I have been able to develop a relationship beyond the professional side, and call them friends. An important aspect is the ability to seperate the two factors, to work together musically, and to seperate those as strickly a fan of their music, and they a fan of my shows. In a perfect world, I would love to get to a point where I have full sponsorship and could consider adding more on air talent, and grow even beyond the crazy level I already reached. However for now, lets just get the stations back on the air so we can get back to promoting all the fantastic indie artists, and sharing their music around the world.

To the more than half a million listeners who tuned into shows on KB Radio and KB Country Radio in lost last 12 months, I have only one thing to say. Thank you.

Rates for all packages available upon request.

Al Yardy

Owner KB Radio & KB Country Radio