KB Around the world..guess how far we reach & how NOT to submit music. 2 for 1 Today

I was reading some information a couple weeks ago about another internet station, and the more I read, the more it sounded like KB Radio and everything I have been working on. I mean right down to the adding of more stations, and truthfully I think its even possible they copied some of my dialogue to save writing it themselves. Yes once again, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but personally I just get sick of the lack of originality in people any more. I do wish them well, only in the sense that they do play indie artists, and any exposure for the independent artist is good. With all of that said as I read on, I looked at the track record, and thought to myself, that it was good that they promoted themselves, and patted themselves on the back. I was wondering with all of the time off that I had taken just how it had affected the KB Radio listeners, and I was pleasantly surprised.

This is the point that I need to apologize to listeners for being that way. I have often said I have the best listeners on the planet, and therefor I should not have been surprised. Further to that I looked at the KB Country listeners and was truly surprised. But before I get to all of that information I want to share with you some email exchanges, without going into the specifics of who, about just the kind of issues that are created in music submissions.

On November 15th I received and email with submissions from a promoter, with a total of seven song titles and artists attached. The problem right away was that the music itself wasn’t actually attached, it was 7 links to Youtube videos of the music. Now as anyone who has submitted or has read my previous blog about submitting music, blog, you will know that I ask that this not be done in this manner due to the time it takes etc. In this case, I clicked the first link for some reason, even though I swore I would ignore emails like this, and the song I heard was fantastic. One of the things that I have discovered with a number of promoters is that if you find they have one great artist or band, than two, they have an entire lineup of solid musicians and music. So I did the unthinkable and clicked the second link. Once again, a great song, and so I worked my way through all seven tracks. A normal email like that I would open all seven attachments at once, and listen one at a time. If the song was going to be aired I would save it with the appropriate tags etc, and if not, save it to a file. This might normally take about 10 to 15 minutes for seven songs. By the time I clicked all the links and waited for each one to load, plus all the usual commercial bullshit on YouTube it was 30 minutes to process one email. Please remember at the end of the email, I now sent a reply asking them to submit the music, at which time when I got it, coincidentally all 7 songs, I would spend another 10 to 15 minutes on the process again.

I sent an email referring to my blog and explaining my reasons, and they stated it was against their policy to include in the first email attachments as these were generally viewed as spam. They would be happy to send over any music as MP3’s once I have reviewed and requested. Another reply indicating I would like to get all seven songs, plus letting them know I was disappointed by their policy. I requested that in case like mine where they knew they would be reviewed promptly etc they could maybe change that practice and send them as attachments, to which I of course got a flat no.

When I did finally get the email with the music it was now November 24th, the day I reviewed the music was the day the songs would have started playing on KB, but they have their policy, and despite my own words and blog, these were 7 really top notch songs. I got 6 of the 7 songs, 3 as MP3 attachments and 3 as links to Google Drive which when I clicked did not open, and just hung my mail program, never once even opening my browser. When I tried to copy and pasted, it hung both my browser (Firefox) and my email. When I say hung, I had to do a forced closure to even open another email each time.

I than sent another email indicating the problem with the links, and waited to hear from the promoter. It was approximately 2 weeks later when I still had not received a reply so I sent yet another email clarifying that it was the link that was bad and could they resend. It was on the 20th of December, now 5 weeks after the original email, and I got the following response. “Unfortunately those are the only files we have and they work fine on our end. Thank you anyway! ”    

I only asked for a new link, that’s all. I have lost track of the amount of time spent on this, which is my problem, because I said I wouldn’t do it again. I wish I could say these types of communications back and forth are unique, but they happen once in a while, and to me, once is more than enough. I won’t name the promoter, or the artists or the songs. I will say though if I was an artist who had this promoter working for me I would be so pissed off, that not only did they miss an opportunity for some major airplay with great world wide coverage, but in the end, the promoter just blew me off!

The end result is this. This promoter has a solid policy, and so do I. As of today, the rest of their music won’t be heard on KB Radio unless they submit music as attachments up front, and I apologize to those indie artists, that you are dealing with people who don’t give a damn apparently. I gave them the benefit of some latitude and damned if they didn’t waste my time and 7 Indie artists as well. If you want to disagree with me, go ahead. You can set your policies, just like I do, but some times you need to work around things for the benefit of everyone. These Independent artists work very hard, so I do my best to promote and play as many as I can. I also if you’ve never read any of my blogs before am not some jerk off wanna be in his basement playing Disk Jockey. My stats show that, so at this point that’s the other reason for the blog, the stats.

So I was reviewing my website, and station server information etc to see where my listeners are located. I am proud and humbled by the numbers as always and beyond thrilled to share with you that KB Radio now has listeners in 123 Countries around the world. KB Country Radio which I have been working hard to redesign the rotation and adjust the playlist is now heard in 50 Countries around the world. The total listeners directly off the kbradio.ca website is down a bit, but that is to be expected. LOL Down a bit, some people might not think this is a bit, but its down about 50, 000 listeners for the year.

So 2019 is just days away, and I and KB Radio are coming at you stronger than ever. For those artists and promoters who submit, and are uncooperative, I can’t do anything about that, except, ignore you and not play your music. But don’t worry, I won’t run short of great Indie Music, my Inbox for music submissions is a bit behind, but I will catch up. By the way the email is live@ kbradio.ca When I say a bit behind, it has 529 emails in it as of right this moment.

You ask can I back all these numbers and claims up. HELL YES! I wouldn’t make them if I couldn’t. Heres a couple screen captures for you;

2018 stats just from website
2017 stats just from website
Email verification

You see, I don’t want you to think I am blowing smoke up your skirt.

One final thought, its a real shame about the music from that promoter, and I will never understand why they didn’t ever send the 7th song, but than again, I don’t know why some people get out of bed either. All they do is bitch and complain, not inferring this promoter.

Happy New Year to Everyone.



“Baby It’s Cold Outside”, Yes We’ve Finally Gone Too Far

     By now everyone has heard about the radio stations that are not playing the Dean Martin classic “Baby Its Cold Outside”.  There is all kinds of other stupidity and ignorance like this going on with the classic Christmas TV show Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer and others.  Now before anyone starts to get their knickers in a bunch, this has nothing to do with being opposed to the #metoo movement, racial profiling, or whatever these loud mouthed groups are claiming.  When #metoo came out it stood for something meaningful, but now its like a runaway freight train barreling down a mountain.  There has to be some limit but it seems in today’s society, with the freedom to express ourselves, as I am doing now, we can be as stupid as we want, offend whoever, and not give a damn how many people we upset as long as our agenda is met.

     I am not going to get into violence against women, racism, sexism or any of the hundreds of other issues that everyone seems to have, legitimate or otherwise.  This is about knowing the difference between what is right and what is wrong.  Knowing when to shut your mouth and when to speak up.  It seems that is a lost art for sure.    Lets go back to a very different time, when the song Baby its Cold Outside was written and performed.  Yes, its very clear he would like her to stay so she could have a couple drinks and he could take advantage of her.  I would question how many people simply going to office Christmas parties this year won’t use the same line in jest with co-workers.

     Lets jump ahead to 2012,  and 2015.  I have yet to hear anyone of the #metoo movement or any other group demand the book “Fifty Shades of Grey” of the movie be pulled and no longer played or sold.  The book sold 70 million copies in 2012 alone and the movie had a world wide box office of over 500 million.  I wonder if any of these self righteous people read or went to the movie.  If you are now screaming about Baby Its Cold Outside, you should be ashamed of yourself.  A song thats 50 years old is from a time long gone but this book and movie are current.  Where were your morals and values at that time.

     Further to that I want to share with you, the lyrics for the just nominated song “I Like It” by Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin nominated for “Record of the Year” in the 2019 Grammy’s.


Yeah baby, I like it like that

You gotta believe me when I tell you

I said I like it like that

You gotta believe me when I tell you

I said I like it like that

[Verse 1: Cardi B]

Now I like dollars, I like diamonds

I like stunting, I like shining

I like million dollar deals

Where’s my pen, bitch I’m signin’

I like those Balenciagas

The ones that look like socks

I like going to the jeweler

I put rocks all in my watch

I like texts from my exes

When they want a second chance

I like proving niggas wrong

I do what they say I can’t

They call me Cardi Bardi, banging body

Spicy mami, hot tamale

Hotter than a Somali

Fur coat, Ferrari

Hop out the stu, jump in the coupe

They trippin’ on top of the roof

Flexing on bitches as hard as I can

Eating halal, driving the Lam’

Told that bitch I’m sorry, though

‘Bout my coins like Mario

Yeah they call me Cardi B

I run this shit like cardio

Oh, damn

[Chorus: Cardi B]

Diamonds, just forget the chains

I said I like it like that

Instead of fighting, know I’m gang gang gang gang

I said I like it like that

Drop the top and blow the brains

I said I like it like that

Oh he’s so handsome, what’s his name?

I said I like it like that

Oh I need the dollars

I said I like it like that

Beat it up like piñatas

I said I like it like that

Tell the driver, close the curtains

I said I like it like that

Bad bitch make him nervous

I said I like it like that

Cardi B!

[Verse 2: Bad Bunny]

Chambean, chambean, pero no jalan (Meaning that they charge the gun but they don’t shot)

You buy all Jordans, stupid, I get it free

I spend in the club (wuh), while you hop in the bank (yeh)

This is a new religion, bang, en latino gang, gang, yeh, yeh

I try to diet, but I have a lot of fat in the closet

I moved the Gucci inside the house

Asshole, nobody knows you even in the plaza

The Devil calls me Jesus Christ hugs me

Warrior like Eddie, let the race live

I like Puerto Ricans, I like Cubans

I like the accent of the Colombians

How Dominicans move the ass

But Venezuelans fuck me good

We are active, Perico Pin-Pin

One hundred bills in the briefcase

The bass resounds, Bobby Valentin, yeh

Here it is forbidden to love, tell them Charytín

That pa’l pico I have Claritin

I get to the disc and the riot is formed

[Chorus: Cardi B]

Diamonds, just forget the chains

Pa, pa, pa, pa

I said I like it like that

Instead of fighting, know I’m gang gang gang gang

I said I like it like that

Drop the top and blow the brains

I said I like it like that

Oh, he’s so handsome, what’s his name?

I said I like it like that

Oh I need the dollars

I said I like it like that

Beat it up like piñatas

I said I like it like that

Tell the driver, close the curtains

I said I like it like that

Bad bitch make him nervous

I said I like it like that

[Verse 3: J Balvin]

Like Celia Cruz I have the sugar (azuca’)

Your girl saw  me and she left to her chest like Jimmy Snuka

We’re going to knock off the wig

And fuck you bastard, that you will not pass the juca (juca, juca)

My tennis Balenciaga, they receive me at the entrance

Pa-pa-pa-pa-razzi, like I’m Lady Gaga

And don’t play, you’ve seen my face on Billboard’s cover

I do not leave your mind

Wherever you want trips you’ve heard my people

I’m not high, I’m like the Testarossa

I am the one who lives it and also the one who enjoys it

In the thing, mami in the thing

The one who looks suffers and the one who touches enjoys

[Bridge: J Balvin & Cardi B]

I said I like it like that

I said I like it like that

I said I like it like that

I said I like it like that

     If you aren’t offended by those lyrics in any way, but you think Baby Its Cold Outside is bad than I ask of you, What the hell is your problem?   This is the new age of music.  There is language in there, that as a white man I can’t use, because I would be considered a racist, but apparently its okay if used by people of color. (Is that the politically correct way to word it no?  I don’t keep up on that shit)  The state of the current music scene isn’t what I remembered, but I am also not naive and am not going to say things were better before.  There has always been sex, drug,  violence and innuendo in music.  From “Summer Nights” in Grease to Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”, ZZ Tops “Pearl Necklace, The Knack’s “Good Girls Don’t”, or Rod Stewarts “Tonights The Night” where he pours a good long drink and tells the virgin child(?) to not deny his mans desires.

     So how about we start being realistic.  Violence again women is a very serious subject, as is racism, etc. and lets not make a mockery or them with stupidity by individuals usually looking for their 15 minutes of glory.  The final word to worry about in all of this is censorship.  At what point does that start to become censoring what we can play or listen to.  Maybe we should stop playing John Lennon’s “Imagine”.  He does say what if there’s no heaven.  Blasphemous!

     I don’t even want to get into the entire issue of Happy Holidays and that mess.  Christmas is a North American tradition.  If you have immigrated here but don’t celebrate it, thats ok, its just another day.  If you find it offensive, you need to get over yourself.  The Jewish communities throughout North America do not celebrate Christmas, and I use them only as an example, and they have never complained about the use of the words Merry Christmas.  So after all these years, why the hell are we bending and changing.   Grow up people!


Live Shows Return

If you have visited the KB Radio website, you will have seen a countdown clock near the top for some time now.  That clock is counting down to the first live show, the official relaunch of all live shows.  I will get into the shows themselves further in my writing here, but the announcement for the first show is where the focus for this blog really is.  It is happening New Years Eve, based on this time zone, Eastern Standard Time, and will be a countdown show taking us into 2019.

Since New Years Eve is on a Monday, we regularly have a 70’s music show on Monday nights, so I have decided to present a countdown of the Top 100 songs of the 1970’s.  The countdown itself will start at 5PM EST with song #100 and I will take you right through to midnight.  Throughout that day as well, it will be a 70’s day, and it will be great tracks from the 1970’s all day long right up to the countdown and show start.

At midnight on January 1st 2019, KB Indie Radio and KB AOR also officially launch, and while the test streams are up and running right now, on the 31st all three station will be simulcasting the 70’s music and countdown.  Each station will have its own launch at midnight welcoming listeners to the new beginning with the KB Family of Stations.  There is still some work to be done for both stations over the next month, but things are progressing well.  I am also hoping to be able to announce apps on both platforms soon for all stations, and have started working with a developer to build one app, that will allow you to select any one of the KB stations, but all 4 will be available through that one, instead of 4 separate apps.

Some of your favorite shows are returning to KB Radio as well in the new year.  The 70’s show and the 80’s show both return on Monday and Thursday nights respectively at 8pm EST.  The Indie Music show will return on Wednesday night as well at 8pm EST.  All three shows will also replay the following morning at 6am EST for our friends overseas,  who unfortunately it is the middle of the night for them when the shows first air.  I have some changes to the shows, and additions that will hopefully add to them for everyone’s listening pleasure.

the first thing is, I personally have gotten away from what I started with the old school radio style, where I began with the podcasts, and what I think made it so popular initially.  I am going back to that style of broadcasting,  so you can expect a fast paced, lively show, that won’t be politically correct, but also wont be out there over the top offensive.   It is what the station’s name is all about.  “What Radio Used To Be”

When you tune into the 70’s and 80’s show every 3rd week of the month you will hear an expanded show for the week.  There is a ton or great 60’s music that people always love so we will expand it 60’s and 70’s that night and on the 80’s night, it will become Extended mix Thursdays.  I will mix in some of the best Extended Plays from the 80’s for the show, and am happy to say as well, working on a sponsor deal right now to hopefully bring you a weekly lunch hour feature along the same lines as the Rokk Blokk, only with 80’s EP’s.  More news to follow.  Also from time to time we are going to feature artists, or topics on each show.  As an example on a 70’s Motown night, you will hear the best of the 70’s but also be featuring a lot of great Motown hits that night.

The Indie music show on Wednesday nights has gone through a few changes and it is going to really tighten up.  Let me start with a bit of a beef.  Every week I tried to present an interview, and despite so many artists claiming to want to be interviewed, the number of times, they missed appointments, sometimes multiple times, was very discouraging.  So I am going to be cutting down the number of interviews, working to get more live interviews, and if we don’t have one every week, that is just how it is going to be.  The next thing is an apology of sorts.  I had an interview scheduled with a fantastic performer and incredible guitar player name Gia, Twitter handle @salin606 when all of the crap went down months ago, which without notice to her was cancelled.  She has agreed, thankfully to be our first interview of the year and will be live on the air with us January 2nd, 2019 after 8pm EST.   I am very grateful and excited to have a chance to not only talk to her about her music and share it with everyone but also have her as our first interview as well.

I have another interview set up as well with a great band called Wildeyes @realwildeyes and will provide you with the date and time for that soon.

Beyond that the Indie music show will be focused on the new music going into the rotation on the various stations, and counting down the Top 25 each week.  For those who haven’t taken part in the past, the Wednesday night shows have been very interactive with fans and artists on Twitter and chatting, and KB is a very open door station.  I look forward to getting back to this lively exchange Wednesdays and every night for that matter.  A note as well that the Indie Music show will be simulcast on BOTH KB Radio and KB Indie Radio.  It will be repeated on KB Radio at 6am EST the following morning and on KB Indie radio as well at a yet to be determined time.  Calendars for programming will be up on websites, so check them out.

Friday night Smooth Music will be returning as well.  The music is being adjusted slightly to better suit the stations format and will be a 3 hour show that airs from 9 pm to midnight EST every Friday with no repeats.

As far as other programming I am in talks with someone about a one hour rock show for the AOR station, and am also looking at a Country countdown for KB Country Radio.  There are other things that have been offered, but I am taking my time, will make sure anything that happens, and any changes or decisions that are made, work for the stations involved.  There are also new features in development and ready to go for the live shows that hopefully will add to the entertainment value.  Plus, more live call ins, like I did in podcast days, from listeners, and working on prize give aways for station contests as well.

As always I appreciate the input and comments, either through here or email etc., good or bad, keep sending them my way.



The New Top 25

top 25 logo   One of the more popular features in the past with and on KB Radio was the Top 10 that we had every week.  It was something that was posted on the website at www.kbradio.ca and also available for listeners and fans to vote on.  After that with it posted publicly, it was also played back as a countdown weekly on the Wednesday night Indie music show.

I was fortunate in many ways that the voting had very few regulations on it, and on only 2 occasions did I have to act on some overly eager voters.  There are always ways to get around voting controls if you really want to, short of making it so strict that it isn’t user-friendly, at which point, no one, not even myself will want any part of.  So the voting is left on an honor system, with minor controls built-in, though I do check daily on the voting and at the end of the voting for any irregularities.  As I said, thankfully,  mostly everyone plays fair, the votes work out, and happily I can say, through the time we ran this Top 10 with public voting hundreds of thousands of votes were made and it became popular because of this fairness and openness I am sure as well.

Moving forward to as we get ready to relaunch officially, the Top 10 becomes a Top 25 which will have its first official countdown, January 2nd, 2019.  To be able to do this, starting tomorrow, December 1st, 2018 on the website at www.kbradio.ca/top25.html you will find a new voting section with a very long list of songs that are eligible for the first Top 25.  Also on the list for voting is a spot called Other in which you can add a name that isn’t on the list.  Let me explain some how the list is put together and the rules on voting for this and every week going forward.

The most important part of being on the list and getting on the Top 25, is you must be played on KB Radio.  So if you know of a song and artist or band that should be on the list, but we aren’t playing, than you should start with getting their music played on KB Radio.  Have a read through this blog post about submitting and from there we can see about getting on the voting list and the chart.

When you vote you can vote for more than one song.  Lets face it how many times have you liked a couple of songs and been forced to pick just one.  In this voting you can vote for more than one.  Yes, you could vote for everyone on the list, but the more you vote for the less weight your vote carries.  So go ahead and vote for more than one but don’t over do it.  You can also vote daily and I encourage you to do so.  It only takes a minute, and I will tell you why I do allow this form of voting.  Some of the die-hard fans are never satisfied with just one vote.  But if I let them come back every day to vote than they feel they are being loyal to their favorite band or artist.  Is this unfair?  Absolutely not, because the rules are the same for everyone.

Also remember, that when you vote from your pc, and then vote from your phone and than from a tablet, despite it being set on light security, it tracks an awful lot of data.   As an example, I had an artist who always got the most votes.  They also had the most votes coming from one house.  That person and their two children each cast votes on multiple devices.  This was a case of an artist unfortunately.  If you are a fan, and do something, and it affects how well a song does on our countdown, than you have done your favorite artist no favors.  So as I have said, the vast majority always play fair, so lets stay that way.

The dates for voting, posting etc are changing slightly but are easy to follow and are always posted somewhere.  Voting will be on a Monday to Sunday basis after the first one.

The first chart voting is all of December, will be posted January 1st on the website and then count down on the Indie Show January 2nd. 
Second chart voting will start January 1st and go to January 6th.  Air date January 9th.

Third week 7th to 13th and air on the 16th.  And so on.
One final and most important point.  The voting makes up 80% of the total towards the Top 25.  In other words, at the end of voting,  there are still voting factors internally within the station that play a role, so the Top 25 in order after voting may not be how the final 25 actually comes out.

Any questions don’t hesitate to ask, I think I have made it clear….lol


Music Submissions for all KB Stations

One of the things I try and tried to do when I began KB Radio and even as I expanded was to make music submissions as simple as possible for artists.  I also attempted to make my guidelines as slim as possible to get Indie artists music on the air, because I understand what it means to get some exposure in any way for your/their music.  As I moved forward, I helped a couple of artists in attempting to share their music with other internet based radio stations, and to be totally blunt because that’s how I am, was staggered by the arrogance of so many people.

Let me explain that statement;  Some stations demanded you complete a form filling in a whole list of questions, than attach your music, in one format only, attach an image, in one picture format only and don’t forget a further bio, in a specific format.  Another station answered every submission with a generic, thanks, we may play it or not, just listen and you will find out.  Than there are those that demand payment for air play.  This isn’t just radio, this is also some of the so-called promoters.  I will not expand into that further, only to say, be very careful before you spend any money with promoters.  Do some research, and ask other users questions.  I used to be vocal about this kind of thing, calling out some of the thieves in the industry and that led to death threats, so sorry, you are on your own.  LOL  They are out there, so be careful before you spend a dime.

Now on to how you submit to my stations.  I have 4 radio stations as of January 1st, 2019, they are:

KB Radio- The main station playing a mix of 70’s through the 90’s primarily with some newer and older splashed in and Indie tracks mixed in 24 hours a day.

KB Country Radio – The second station I started, as it says, Country music, Playing todays best country based on North American charts, and Indie country mixed in 24 hours a day as well.

KB Indie Radio – Officially launching January 1st 2019, but already streaming, is a 24 Indie music channel geared to compliment the Main channel KB Radio.

KB AOR – Also launching January 1st 2019, KB AOR actually launched once before when the country station came on the air.  It was very popular but the workload was too much plus the streaming options were not something I liked at that time, so I pulled the plug about 6 months in until I could relaunch in a much better way.  Now is the time.  AOR is Album Oriented Rock based on an early 70’s Rock Radio format, that will include a mix of great rock tracks from albums, not the Top 40 hits, but the other tracks that album lovers enjoy, and we are mixing in great Indie Rock as well.  Rock that just is too heavy for KB or KB Indie, will spin here.

Here’s a couple of things to please avoid for me.  When you email, don’t just send an email with no content or message in the email,  and just a music attachment or link to your music.  Some of these emails have no message, no names, generic email address that it comes from, and not even information on the song that’s attached.  If I don’t know who it’s from, how can I promote you.

The other problem relates to how I promote music on the stations.  I work old school, taking one song from an artist, and putting it into the rotation.  This gives exposure in a maximum manner, listeners begin to recognize the song, and your name, which is much better than spinning 2 or 3 or more songs where you lose the recognition factor.  With this in mind, I would like to know which song you would like to promote.  This also makes my life somewhat easier.  Two days ago in my music inbox for submissions, I had 535 emails, in the first 25 emails I opened, I received 11 Album’s, 3 EP’s and in the other 11 emails there were 17 songs.  In total it was 153 songs, and I greatly appreciate when an artist says they respect my opinion so pick one that works, but it just creates too much work.  If it was one band, lol, no problem,  but how many more albums in the remaining 510 emails, oh and that was days ago, and that number has grown significantly.  So I will explain how to help below.  The third issue is sending links to YouTube or something similar.  Again, it duplicates workload, I need to go listen, reply than wait for you to send another email with the music attached.  I will expand on this below as well.

  • All 4 stations music submissions should be submitted to live@kbradio.ca
  • When you email either attach your music, I don’t care if its Wav or Mp3 or as a link via Dropbox, google etc.
  • If you have an album or ep or just a couple of songs, no problem, state your preference or first choice and then if for some reason it doesn’t work on one of the stations, I have a second option.  Trust me, if that doesn’t work also,  I will reach out.  I answer virtually every email
  • We DON’T PLAY RAP, HIP HOP, and rarely Dance tracks.  If you want to argue that its Rap but it’s not offensive, or its good rap so I should play it, which has happened more than once, please don’t.  I won’t reply to you.  Your future emails will go in spam and I will never know if you have something I could play.
  • Please include your name, who is sending the email, the band’s name, the song title, and the twitter handle for the band or artist.
  • Twitter has made the live Tweeting on the Indie station very difficult.  So difficult in fact that I have removed virtually every twitter handle from the metadata.  Twitter has told me I need expressed permission from artists before I include their Twitter handle in live Tweets.  Ideally than when you email include a note with your Twitter handle stating you authorize the KB Family of stations to live tweet your handle.
  • If you have bio or an image you want to or can include that would be great but not necessary.
  • When sending a link to YouTube, sure I can hear your music, but I do music one day a week, and that is what goes in for that week.  So on top of having to send extra emails, trying to keep track of who sent something previously like that, which I don’t have the time to do, you also lose at least a weeks worth or airplay, by the time you send a new email and I can go through it again.

It may sound in some ways like there are a lot of rules, lol, but really there aren’t.  Basically everything I ask is either common sense or time-saving for both of us.  Remember that yes you are just one band so how long does it take me to do this or that.  True, but multiply that by 200,300 or more emails a week.

I try to work with everyone who wants to work with me.  In the past not everyone seemed to think it was their responsibility to do their own leg work.   Some thought, I recorded the music, its your responsibility to figure out the rest.  In the past I did what I could, but moving forward, I realized just how much time that took away from those people who wanted to work together.  So if you have read this far, think I am some kind of asshole, than do both of us a favor, and don’t send in your music.

I look forward to bring you new live shows Starting in 2019, including a reworked indie show on Wednesday nights.



Owner/DJ/ All around nice guy