Year End Countdowns: KB Radio Top 50 & KB Country Radio Top 25

So it is getting to be that time of year again, where we start to look at the end of the year, and another New Year is just around the corner.  With the approaching end of each year I like to take an opportunity to point out the great artists and fans who worked hard over the past year.  We have a countdown for each of the two stations and basically they function the same.  The numbers are slightly different, so I will use KB Radio as the example.

Since it is a Top 50 Countdown we will have approximately 100 songs on the nomination list, or voting list if you rather.  However, any song that has appeared on the Top 25 this year is eligible to be on the Top 50.  We just run into a space issue, with approximately 400 different tracks appearing on the chart over the course of the year, if we attempted to list every song, the list would be too long, and not user friendly at all.  What we do is take every song that made it into the Top 10 and they will appear on the voting list.  There will sill be the option to write in a song, as I said as long as it appeared on the chart through the past year.  For the KB Country version, because we started the chart in May and it just recently expanded from a Top 10 to Top 15, we are going with a Top 25 for the year.  There will be approximately 50 songs on the voting list and the same rules apply, if a song appeared on the chart it is eligible and can be written in under the other option.

The voting for both poll’s will start on November 1st and will end December 13th at midnight EST.  The same voting rules apply, you can vote once per day, no VPN’s and illegal voting will be removed.  The Top 50 Countdown will air on Wednesday December 18th on the Indie Music Show, and the Top 25 Jukebox Countdown will run Friday December 20th at 8PM on KB Country Radio. 

The point system is similar to the regular voting, however, points are awarded based on the chart performance for each song.  The fan voting accounts for 75% of the total points and as in the past I have asked a panel of experts, a combination of musicians and others in the radio industry to review the songs as well.  These reviews get points and that will make up the remaining 25% of the total points.   

There are multiple artists with more than one song that will be eligible,  and I would expect some of them to have multiple songs on the Top 50 or Top 25.  We look forward to the voting and the tabulations to find out what the listeners think is the song of the year for each station.

Any questions, feel free to inquire and we will be happy to answer.


The politics of the Radio business

As I sit here to write this I will start by saying that this is of course my perspective.  That is of course obvious, but I don’t work in terrestrial radio because of a different type of politics, and that is corporate.  I can’t give you a first hand description of how most radio stations work in North America, but I have enough experience and knowledge that I could probably break it down for you.  There are different levels as well for how they operate, and some of it will depend on the size of market that the stations serve.  Now with that said, some whiz bang genius who has no business being in charge of radio stations is running hundreds of stations that are owned by a corporate giant, and there is more than one instance of this, and these idiots think its all the same so they treat a station in Ottumwa, Iowa the same as they as a station in New York City.  All of that and none of it are what this blog is about.   But for independent artists it is part of the reason for their difficulty getting any airplay.  But maybe some day we will delve into that, or maybe not.

We talk on Twitter, through Facebook, here in blogs and even in person with lots of people about the processes, and what we do and don’t do, the efforts we make and how it does and doesn’t always work.   My goal has always been two fold; to help promote independent music and to run professional sounding and successful stations.  My approach has been different than a lot of others on the internet with stations and that’s good for everyone.  Its kind of like pizza!  I use this analogy for Raspin Stuwart who picks on me for my love of pizza.  Some people love there pizza loaded, some like it with 1 or two items, some with no cheese, vegetarian, deep dish, thin crust, you name it there are ways to make it.  My point is there is no one set way to do internet radio.  The only thing everyone must do is pay the royalties and broadcast based on the laws.  After that, the internet is the wild west.  You can get anything and everything if you know where to look, and as such broadcasters can do as they want.  The same ultimate goal exists for everyone, or almost everyone, and that is to get people to listen to your broadcast.  Whether you broadcast a one hour show once a week or do like we do and run 24/7 and in our case with 4 stations it doesn’t matter.  If you don’t get listeners it can be a lot of work for nothing.

Now with a certain amount of success and listeners, you than get a higher demand for artists who want you to play their music.  This doesn’t even mean you are good as a broadcaster, lol, it just means you have a good reach and as such songs getting played have a better chance for more people to hear them.  But with the higher demand comes an increase in the work load and I believe a need for better efficiency in how you handle your business.  As has been mentioned in blogs here before, many artists and promoters who submit music will tell you that they get very few replies back to emails.  I won’t pull punches here because this is where we start to get into the politics of the business.  I feel that if you don’t have time to respond to someone who has taken the time to reach out to you, than you either need to fix your system or give up.  I often wonder if these people run their social lives the same way.  Bob has a radio podcast, but he can’t be bothered to answer emails, only those he thinks are worthy of his response.  Meanwhile Bob has 5 friends who invite him out over the weekend for various things, does Bob ignore those 5 friends and only respond to the 1 he has interest in?  Well first thing is, if that’s what Bob does, hes not a Bob hes a Dick.  Second if he treats people that way in his personal life he will have a lonely existence, because those invites will dry up.

The difference with the music is that there are so many people trying to get played anywhere and any way they can, he will continue to get emails.  What Bob won’t notice is that he will stop get repeat emails from people because they will get sick of never getting a response.   I try, yes I  try to respond to every email.  I often say we respond to over 90% of emails but, the ones I don’t respond to are usually along the following lines.  You send an email that has nothing written on it.  Its in my inbox, with no hello, no message of any kind, and an attachment.  Again I don’t pull punches, if you are too damn lazy to even put hello, that I am going to put just as much effort into listening to your song and replying as you did with typing.  NONE!   We also get messages that are entirely promotional, not music submissions, and they of course are noted but don’t always need a response.

The other thing we did was I wrote a blog about how to submit music to us, and its not required reading, but I like to say its a way for artists to help us, so we can help them and make the entire process easier.  We don’t ask for a lot and if we don’t get everything we mention in the blog it doesn’t mean we don’t listen or don’t respond.  I read that from other stations and shows, to make sure your songs include X,Y,Z and if they don’t they won’t be considered.  If they are sent in Wav not MP3 they won’t be considered.  Their choice, hell I can’t count how many times songs are sent to us that the sound levels are off.  Times I have talked to an artist, and I hear something in a song and say, is it supposed to be there and if not I can help and fix it.   Some have gone on to take what i have helped them with and use in other submissions.  Is it extra work, of course it is, but we are working with artists that most times don’t have all the tools that artists that have big money support have.  So why not not give a little hand if I can.  I will say I will never edit a song without talking to an artist, and the term edit is used very loosely.   A song may get submitted that has 10 seconds of talking at the opening.  That is not what is called a radio friendly version and I would ask as an example to run the song without that 10 seconds.  I’ve never had any problems from anyone with this kind of request, and if you think back in history how many times there have been songs you hear on the radio, but when you buy the album the song is 3 or 4 minutes longer.  The shorter or edited versions are called the Radio Edit, and its been going on for years.

Over the years we have had problems with artists and promoters and fans, and that is just life.   I have a promoter, I believe he is in Germany, who sends us music still to this day, even though they just go in the spam folder and have done so for 3 months.  He submits on behalf of many artists, but his emails are short, with very little information, and to be honest might as well be blank.  Now there is a distinct difference between an artist who sends me one email that maybe doesn’t have all the information, and a promoter who is sending 3, 4  or 7 emails a weeks for different artists, and for some reason, they can’t seem provide information with the emails.  They always say, Hereby we provide you with artist X and their song YZABC.  Sometimes it will have a Facebook link and that’s basically it.  We discovered that with each of this promoters submissions it took us 3 times the average length of time to complete and email.  Most emails, and songs can be reviewed, assessed, processed and replied to in 4 to 5 minutes, on average.  So take 3 times as long for 7 emails every week and we found ourselves dedicating a couple hours every week basically doing this promoters work.   I tried to email and communicate asking for help so that we could better work together and got no response.  No his name is not Bob.  I went on his Facebook page and made a post about the same thing hoping maybe some of the artists he represents would say something even and we could sort this out.  Imagine my shock, no comment or response to it.  This by the way is not something over the space of a day or two, this was over a number of weeks, all the while still reviewing music.  I should add, we don’t play non English language music.  He likes to send us foreign language songs, which we have explained numerous times, but again chooses to ignore.

I feel bad for the artist he represents.  Let me correct that, claims he represents.  I am not asking for in depth information, some simple information, like a Twitter account, maybe some bio you know, things in my estimation that should be included in the submission.  When you are looking for someone to play your music and promote you, shouldn’t you give them the information or the tools to help them.  Like your website, or social media accounts.  Maybe its just me,  but someone like this is ripping off artists and wasting everyone’s time.  For what its worth, 2 months after I redirected his emails I did email him again, advising him that I wasn’t even looking at them, and we really should work to try and help his artists.  I still haven’t heard back from him.

The other side of things is a recent incident that is hilarious in many ways.   A promoter chose to attack a Twitter post of ours, someone who I didn’t know was a promoter.  Its true, I saw the attack, and reacted to it, but had no idea this person was representing an artist.  The next day when we are reviewing music, their name came up in an email with a song from their artist they wanted us to play.  Let me say for the sake of things, I can get upset, people know that and things happen.  But at this point we listened to the song and decided that we would give it a placement on one of the stations.  However things quickly went downhill, and I finally sent an email advising her that I was not going to be able to work with her.  When it comes to being abusive, I won’t put up with it.  I than reached out to the artist to contact me, to let them know as far as I was concerned, we would still play the music but I wasn’t going to deal with their Representative.  this isn’t the first time I have done this and won’t be the last.  Treat people the way you want to be treated and when someone takes to being ignorant, than thats it, I don’t need to be in contact with that kind of individual.  I have a simple plan.  I block you on social media and direct your email to the trash.  Why is that some may ask?  Simply put I have so many other people that act like decent people I am not going to give one more second to an idiot or stupid person.  But because this was not a large promoter, one artist one song, I didn’t want to penalize them so opened the door.   Seems pretty simple really to me, if they want to continue with us playing the music, just you handle the emails.  No disrespect we are not talking the Rolling Stones, and to be honest I get messages every day of the week from Mainstream artists with a long history of success who handle their own messages and emails.  But they chose not to respond either.  I didn’t block the artist its their choice and they have done nothing wrong.  Maybe some day they will reach out.

The other issue comes from blocking which I readily admit I use as a tool.  But we have seen some individuals use the blocking on Twitter suddenly, for no apparent reason and than a month or 6 weeks later, unblock and suddenly an email appears with a music submission.  Let me use this line again, I am not going to pull any punches.  Are you our of your fucking mind?  Go the hell away.  This is some kind of weird politics or just plain BS that again I don’t have any time for.  Do I like the politics, absolutely not, but some people just seem to think this is a game or something.  Here is how it appears to me and feel free to correct me if I am wrong.  If an artist or band is paying you for your time to promote and represent them, you need to work for them.  You act decently, you don’t have to kiss anybodies ass but you sure as hell better not act like an ass and risk missing an opportunity for these people who are paying you.  Now if you are a volunteer, and you are not getting paid, than there is a huge difference.  You aren’t getting paid that’s the huge difference, but if you can’t work and act respectfully as well, stop offering to help because you are doing them a disservice.  I would rather say to someone honestly I can’t help you than to say sure and do a crappy job.

So politics in music does not mean bending over and kissing someones butt, or anything else.  It doesn’t mean you pay to get your music played or have to do anything to achieve this.  What it should mean is working hard at what you do, working with people that you think can help you or those you represent and working together.  When you work together you get a lot more done, its a smoother process and takes a hell of a lot less time.  When the band said can you help us, if you said yes, but only on Mondays from 1 to 3, on Thursdays from 6 to 6:30 etc, and they were thankful for the time you can give them, it was enough in their minds to help, than you better make damn sure you are doing it because they have put their faith in you.

The final thought is the blocked list and people that are on it.  There really aren’t that many and some come off over time, depending on the person and circumstances.  Some people change, situations change whatever the case may be, and maybe an artist or promoter and I can actually work together again.  They say never say the word never, and that is very true.  But a very simple way to make sure, is don’t treat me, or Ruth (Sunny) like shit.  We are here to work with everyone we can.   If you don’t believe us, let me know and I will give you what maybe 500 references to start?  I like to think that since we work well with so many other artists and bands, more than 1000 different ones again this year so far, that if we have one or two problems, that’s not too bad, and that makes less than 1% dissatisfied rate.  Now if I could figure out how to do this in politics I would be king of the world.   lol    Cheers

The Charts: A refresher course for new voters

I know I have written about this before and we talk about this on the air on both stations about the process for both the Top 25 and the Top 15 charts on KB Radio and KB Country Radio respectively. I call them revolving charts because they work week to week, and use the previous weeks results as part of the totals going forward. We say that fans control 80% of the points and they truly do. So lets do a simple breakdown as to how both charts work.

Songs on the current weeks chart are awarded a point value based on their position on the current chart. As an example only, the #1 song is awarded 100 points and the number 10 song gets 10 points on the Top 10. These are the starting base points for each song. We than award points based on how each song finishes in the voting. In the case of the Top 15 we only award points to the Top 15 songs getting votes. In the Top 25 it is the Top 25 songs getting votes that are awarded points. What is important to note about the voting is that every vote is important because it increases your points. However in the same way the #1 song got 100 points, the song with the most votes again as an example gets 100 points. It doesn’t matter if the song in first in the voting got 50 votes or 500, the points awarded are the same.

At this point we combine the points and take 80% of this total to give us the beginning of our new points total. From here we have 5 categories that each song is assessed on, and awarded points. These categories are kept private so that they are not in any way influenced or attempted to be influenced if possible by the wonderful fans. The music fans get almost total control but these final 5 categories usually help to break tie breakers etc. The five categories are added up and than 20% of that total is taken and added to the other 80%.

this grand total is the final points total for each song and the order is than sorted highest to lowest. The system is devised to allow for consistency week to week so that songs will move up and down the chart, so that fans can vote for their favorite songs and have the biggest say in how each song performs, but also take a small portion of other areas into account. Is the system perfect, absolutely not, because if fans want to keep their favorite song on the chart all year they probably could. This seems more of a disservice to an artist or band to me. They have more than one song that I am sure they would love to promote and see on the chart. Do fans try to cheat? Yes it happens from time to time, and as will any voting there are blocks built in to stop as much as possible, and those that aren’t stopped automatically are often found after in the verification process.

The rules are simple and easy, vote for your favorite artist daily and get them onto the respective chart. Than the next week do it again and try and get them higher and maybe to the number 1 spot eventually. We often see big voting for a week and than when a song doesn’t come in at #1, the fans get upset because they think its fixed, when they just didn’t bother to read OUR rules. Always remember, we are doing things old school. So the charts are old school too.

Good luck to everyone

KB Radio Indie Music Festival (coming soon?)

As this year, 2019, thunders past just like the previous year, I can’t help but wonder about the state of music around the world. I look at what broadcast/terrestrial/FM Radio is doing and I continue to shake my head. This blog isn’t about those problems, but it’s easy to see that the corporate wheel continues to roll, with no idea on how to make money, just on how to cut budgets, and make radio into a generic virtual streaming platform that appeals to the 20-something and 30-plus crowds to some degree.

If you are an independent artist, there are no opportunities to get music played on these stations, unless you are willing to buy your way on. It’s too bad here in North America the CRTC in Canada and FCC in the United States weren’t actually doing their jobs. Payola is alive and well!

So, we have streaming platforms, you know all the names, that don’t pay artists. You have people paying $10 for a coffee but refusing to pay 99 cents for music, which when you consider that statement, it tells you how stupid the corporations who are programing radio are. These same listeners are too damn cheap to spend money like that, you are going to have very limited advertising options on these broadcasting/FM stations. But I digress as usual.

This weekend here in my hometown they have a music Festival called Rock The Park. It has been going on for something like 15 years, and a few years back they added a night for the country music fans. No big deal, it was towards a big charity, and by adding a night it didn’t take away from an already huge event. To give you an idea of past events;

2011 Night 1

Loverboy, Trooper, John Kay & Steppenwolf and Poison

Night 2

Brian Howe (Bad Company), Cheap Trick, Blue Oyster Cult, Meatloaf

Night 3

Bleeker Ridge, Sloan, Our Lady Peace, & Stone Temple Pilots.


Monster Truck, I Mother Earth, Bush and Slash/ w/ Myles Kennedy

The Romantics, David Wilcox, George Thorogood and Steve Miller Band

Prism, 54-40, REO Speedwagon and Boston


This year.. ugh

Five Finger Death Punch, In This Moment, Killswitch Engage, I Prevail and Pop Evil

Tone Loc, Ginuwine, Ma$e, Shaggy and Snoop Dog

T-Pain, Flo Rida and Pitbull

I didn’t include the country night from this year, it was the best night in my opinion. Maybe I am getting old, but they definitely don’t want my generations money any more. Calling it Rock the Park, is like saying L’il Nas is Country. LOL

Let me put it very clearly as far as Rock The Park. WTF is your problem? LOL

But in general festivals have been fairly successful, and it is something that has crossed my mind. Many independent artists have talked about the idea of coming to Ontario, Canada to play and do shows. Numerous times it has come up with artists, that maybe if they can connect with other Indie Artists, do a multiple lineup for a gig, make it bigger, it will help with costs etc in some ways, maybe draw more attention. There are a lot of potential positives to come out of that kind of situation.

Well to go full Monty on that would be to have a music festival for just Indie Artists. It is an idea that started as just one day, but a second day is considered be it in the first year or wait till the second. That second day would be for Country Music which I would not want to exclude.

So here is the plan. Imagine 2 stages not quite side by side, but close enough to allow one band/artist to perform and the other to set up. I want a festival that people will talk about and mark on their calendars to say, only 364 days left till next years KB Festival. We have 10 bands or artist performing, with the first going on stage at noon. There will be a 45 minute set, which will allow, if they do really well, to do one encore song. This means fans will have 10 to 15 minutes maximum between sets to wait. The last band goes on at 10pm. There will be a special area set up for each act to have their own sales and merchandise tent.

When it comes to the lineup, I want it to be a representation of the artists being played on KB Radio. With KB Radio being based in Canada, the majority of our listeners are from North America, so my thoughts are as follows;

3 Bands/Artists from Canada

3 Bands/Artists from the United States

4 Bands from World

When you look at these numbers and think of the number of musicians we play and have played it seems very small. But if and when we get to it, we will probably have quite the task going through who wants to play.

Here is the part that I want help with, and it isn’t financial, though we will be looking for sponsors. It is not missed on my part that there is significant cost to travel and perform. Plus, I also believe that the artists should get paid for this. I have talked to many who say they will play for free just for the exposure, but truthfully I don’t believe in that. Everyone’s time is worth something. But there are also different costs between a solo artist flying from California and a full band flying in from Sweden as two examples. In one conversation with an artist he talked about hiring backing musicians when he got to the event. My thoughts on that, something I hadn’t considered is, if you are coming to perform you want to give your best showing. You should have musicians you know and can count on, so be bringing them with you.

To me these are the things I want to know about. I know about air fare, hotels, food, rental cars, trucks to move equipment, etc. I want to know about the things I wouldn’t know about or consider, because I am not a musician. So I have created a simple survey. No” check this box or that”, It just asks for your email in one box and then your ideas in the other. We really want to see this come to fruition, and I think this city is the perfect place to have it.


Al Yardy

KB Radio

The Problem with being a nice guy?

I have been accused before of being too nice. I work hard for everything I have and have achieved and maybe you think I am touchy or sensitive, but I do get upset when people try free loading off of my work. I have a post today about someone who submitted music, with a GIF on it, there was about 20 comments when I checked and 75 likes, and one of them was from someone who hosts some podcast i never heard of telling artists how to submit music to his show. Now I have been known to give help to other stations, tips to DJ’s and other things, and I certainly will not stand in the way of any artist getting their music heard, but its a fine line how you do this.

This is all about reaching the most people for the analytics and for Twitter numbers. If he attaches to these tweets his impressions go up, and it makes him look better. Does he have the potential to reach out to more artists, why of course because of doing it through my tweets. But in the big scheme of things, the numbers he shares saying look at this, are inflated based on phony stats. To me this would lead me to think that any listener numbers he touts are also going to be inflated. There are still benefits every time an artist can get their music played or heard I am sure. But I run into this kind of thing a lot. I had a song tweet, that a dj follower liked and retweeted. An indie artist than liked his comment, and replied to that with a huge banner promoting their appearance on his radio program. My immediate reaction is WTF?

Lets look at this as if it was me working with an artist. I am representing the band “Bob” and have played their song. They like this and I reply to this on Twitter with a giant poster advising people that the band “Joe” is going to be on the Station tonight. Its a bullshit approach. If I want to promote this band, it either gets its own tweet or attach it to a song by that band, not to another band, unrelated.

Have you seen the new commercial for McDonalds. Check out the brand new Big Mac. It is a totally new burger, all beef patty, the same burger in many ways, but more meat, and more flavor. At the end, is a picture of Taco Bell. It just doesn’t happen.

The other thing i wonder about is consideration. Am i taking it too seriously. There was a tweet from someone please check out this music, and they had attached the YouTube video for me to look at. As many of you know we just don’t have time to do it that way, and I have a blog about submitting music to all 4 stations. We don’t have prerequisites about doing it, you don’t have to read it, and all it does is maybe make the process a bit smoother for everyone involved. At first I wanted to laugh at the irony of someone attaching their video to a pinned tweet about submitting music. But the more I thought about it the angrier I got. It would take the same time to read the blog, you know the same time they expected me to spend listening to the music. The difference is of course they are but one person, and I am not sure how many submissions they made but if they did them like that they must have spent almost 10 or 15 minutes. Each week we spend 30 hours or more combined reviewing new music. That’s just one weeks worth of new music.

That is in no way a complaint, and if that person hadn’t attached that video they would have been listened to this week, instead I just blocked them. If someone is just too damn lazy to do that, I don’t have the extra time for them. I will add, that this is an account for a 10 year old that is handled by her parents. I feel no guilt in dealing with parents who are promoting a child. Plus, I am sure the music sounds just like that, of a 10 year old singing.

A problem that has come up on more than one occasion and drives me nuts is something I can never tell if its just people being, “dense” for lack of a better term or are they trying to take advantage of me. We deal with hundreds and really thousands of different people or artists in this case and their music with submissions to the radio station. So I guess let me lay out a scenario which isn’t unusual because there are at least 3 that i can think of going on right now with different artists.

When I have talked about music submissions, sometimes of course there is music that just cant be played on one of our stations. This can be due to a number of reasons, and I really like to tell someone when they submit when I can why I won’t be playing their song. I don’t always do this, so don’t count on it, but if you send in a Rap song we will let you know we don’t play Rap music in the reply email. I also like to be tactful whenever possible because my goal isn’t to insult anyone or hurt someones feelings. We get a lot of songs that come in and the quality is so bad that it just can’t be played on the air.

I have had many discussions with an artist about the quality of music, and the sound of stations, after the compression from the station, things like MP3 usage over WAV files and other factors all can affect the sound quality that is broadcast, so when they start, sounding like they were recorded with two tin cans and a string, there is no improvements coming if we were to broadcast that music.

I have always felt its not my place to say to artists with recording like these hey, I can’t play your music because it sounds bad. I am only speaking for what I will do with my stations, because while I am helping promote Independent musicians and artists, I am also promoting and running 4 radio stations. My goal is when you put on any one of my stations you will hear consistent sound quality and great music. I will admit its not 100% yet but I will keep working, and will not take a step backward playing music that doesn’t fit or sound good. I operate it like a business, the same as so many of the musicians/artists I deal with do.

When it comes to today’s email, I guess it is not the 3rd time, it is actually the 4th. It is the 3rd email, but the artist sent me a message on Twitter in which I responded and reminded them I had already received and replied to their music submission for that particular song. It was when I was reviewing music today that I discovered they ignored that tweet and message and sent it again.

So if this is you, and you recognize this story I am intentionally not mentioning any names. But what was the intention of the email? Hoping that if you sent it enough times I would eventually give in and play the song? If not that, than what? My immediate reaction is to shake my head and grumble. As much as I have said time and time again that I was going to get tougher, I haven’t just ignored this silliness and not even bothered to reply. Instead I find myself writing a diplomatic email and being frustrated, eventually just stopping my work for the night.

Wouldn’t it be so much better if I was just a total jerk with this person and completely ignored them or blocked them. Its not like we are short of music, and why do I need to keep dealing with this. One of the other artists I have doing the same kind of thing, has been doing this off and on for more than a year. Their music sounds like its been recorded in a church basement, one microphone in front of a piano and the other for vocals. Right channel and left.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do get nasty at times, and I am sure one person reading this was laughing in disbelief about my diplomacy. I was diplomatic with them too, don’t worry. LOL We all have breaking points, but why do we need to get there. Why do we even need to go through the first couple of times?

So what is the point of all of this. Over the history of KB Radio I have had a good time, had a fire take me down and nearly out, but built back up. Had some threats knock me off for about 6 months, and here I am back again, and fighting just as hard or harder. Each time I came back I came back bigger and stronger, and I am going to keep going and fighting for those artists that want to work with me. But there are only so many hours in a day and only so much to give, so the fact that people are starting to frustrate me tells me, I need to follow through on what I promised when I came back January 1st. I am not going to put up with the people who just seem to be trying to yank my chain or screw with me. I am and will be diplomatic, and will do what I can, until I can’t with someone anymore. At that point, they can work with other stations. I don’t need the headaches. Life is too short for so much drama.

I guess what I can say in closing is that I try to work on and with a consistent set of standards and treat everybody the same way. I give what I get, and with that said, I will work my ass off to help someone or shut someone down so fast but it isn’t based on me, it is on them. The world is a crazy murky place, I think personally its pretty screwed up, and people’s ideas in a lot of ways are just as messed up. But the human spirit in general thrives, and most people understand the difference between good and bad. There are usually simple ways to tell which side of the line you fall on. If you are reading this and are going, what kind of an asshole is this, good and bad, the world is screwed up, than you might not like me telling you the side you are on. Nothing in life is free, and yet people keep taking from each other without hesitation.

Think about all these things the next time you tag me on Twitter, even though we don’t follow each other, and tag 10 others as well, just because you want to promote your new song. Think about it when you are too damn cheap to pay 99 cents for music. We used to pay $20 for a new album when it was released. That’s not one of those back when I was younger moments, because even though it wasn’t as easy there still were ways to copy and steal the music. We just didn’t do it the same as people do now, of course we spent $1000 on a great stereo system to hear that album not on a phone that you will throw away in a year.

You call it advancements….